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Pelosi questions Trump’s manhood after confrontational White House meeting

“It’s like a manhood thing for him. As if manhood could ever be associated with him. This wall thing,” said the California congresswoman.

Nancy has his number. She has dealt with assholes like him her whole life. Do you think she got to where she is by sitting back and listening to some male clown pontificate on something he knows nothing about, but who believes he is an expert by virtue of his gender?

Oh, sweet Jesus. That is Trump in a nutshell. Insecure and ego-maniacal.

Thank you, Nancy. How many men in positions of power are just like Trump? Too many. Far too many.

Nancy, you nailed him. Holy f#ck, that is the best summation of Trump from a political leader I have seen. And it definitely takes a woman to do that.

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