I’ll keep this short.  You’ve probably heard that we’re already rationing care, under crisis standards of care.  I’ve been watching the local news, and I think we are in for a genuine sh*tstorm in the next few weeks.  

Why do I think that?  First, there’s the despair evident in the health care providers faces and voices during interviews with local reporters.  Dr. Peterman is the CEO of Primary Health, and he’s at a loss for words to describe how bad the situation is.  

The 208 Interview  

I’d embed, but I don’t know how.  Haven’t posted in years.  

Then there’s the reality of how few are taking this seriously.  Last week, the BSU Broncos had their first home game with full attendance in two years.  Over 35,000 people attended.  Boise City was/is under a mask mandate, and BSU mandated masks for attendees of the game as well.  Only, they didn’t/couldn’t enforce it, and have now basically announced that they’re giving up.  But the game against Oklahoma will go on tomorrow, and the stadium will be packed, it’s the first time the Broncos have hosted a Big 12 team.  Watch this to get an idea of how few people were bothering to mask up last week:  

BSU Fans at UTEP game  

As a consequence, BSU has announced that they will be giving away prizes to those who wear masks at the game on Saturday.  Seriously.  

For the health and safety of our community, Boise State expects fans to wear facial coverings in the stadium as well as when entering and exiting the venue. We are committed to following all local, state and athletic conference guidelines. We are aware of and disappointed by the lack of adherence to the current facial covering requirement by many of those in attendance.

For the remainder of this season, Boise State will reward fans who comply with public health recommendations, including wearing facial coverings and getting vaccinated.

Prior to kickoff, on-site vaccination tents will be set up outside Albertsons Stadium. Those who choose to get vaccinated on-site, or those who are already vaccinated, can enter to win one of several prizes. To enter the drawing for Saturday’s game vs. Oklahoma State, fans with game tickets and at least one vaccination may fill out this online form. Additionally, Boise State will have a street team patrolling Albertsons Stadium, awarding prizes to fans wearing their masks.

Prizes will include concession vouchers, autographed footballs, season tickets for future football and basketball seasons, gift cards to the Bronco Shop and more.


We look forward to safely hosting you and Bronco Nation in Albertsons Stadium.

Safely hosting.  35,000+ people, and our health care system is already over capacity. 

Bu that’s not all.  The Treefort Music Festival is a five-day event, that will run from the 22nd through the 26th.  It’s a huge event.  They’ve stopped selling tickets, and will allegedly require proof of vaccination or a negative test within the last 48 hours for attendees, and will allegedly require masks as well.  My guess is, they won’t enforce the mask “requirement”, any more than it’s enforced anywhere else in town.  

I dread where things are going to be in a couple of weeks.  And even more so, in a couple of months, because I don’t see any real sign that anyone, in any position of authority in this state, is prepared to do anything other than watch people get sick and die.  

Saturday, Sep 18, 2021 · 5:05:37 AM +00:00 · Jbearlaw

Wow.  Number 1 on the Wreck list.  Guess I should post less often.

Thank all of you who genuinely seem to care.  I love this place (Idaho), and many of the people here, many of whom are people whom some of you revile in your comments.  

Yeah, I get it.  There’s a sudden, widespread recognition of just who/what the Republican party is/has been for decades, that’s panicking some people.  Hint: you should have been panicked a long, long time ago.  OTOH, I’ve known a lot of R’s (how could I not?) who are/have been reasonable, rational people. Many of my relatives have inherited their political party along with their religion, and yeah, they’re hard to talk to, let alone listen to.  For some reason, I’m reminded of a particular scene in Barton Fink where John Goodman explains something to the effect “you’re just visiting, but I live here.”  

Some of y’all may not have much sympathy left, but I can’t afford not to.  Too many of these are my family, and friends from elementary, junior high, high school, etc.  And I dread the funeral invitations, and even more so, that I’ll have to say I can’t (won’t) attend.  

Anyway, as Linda Loman said, “Attention must be paid.”  I just have this overwhelming sense of dread about what’s going to happen here, and I had to say something.  Thanks for listening.

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