Italy Evicts Steve Bannon from Medieval Monastery He Hoped to Turn into Neo-Nazi Academy

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Việt Quốc / Flickr

From Boing Boing:

In Italy, authorities are reportedly evicting alt-right self-promoter Steve Bannon from the medieval monastery he’d planned to transform into a white supremacist radicalization academy, “after reports of fraud in the competitive tender process.”

Being evicted from his fancy Italian gladiator castle is a big setback for Bannon, who’s trying to grow an alt-right empire in Europe.

Italy’s La Repubblica newspaper reports today that the Italian government is saying “uh, no, grazie” to the Trump consigliere and global grifter’s plans to turn a monastery near Rome into a training academy for would-be 21st-century Wehrmachters.…

Ha-ha, Bannon, you detestable monster. So sad that you weren’t able to start your  fantasy camp for Hitler lovers. May the rest of the world banish you as well.

For more on Bannon’s failed, grandiose plans for the site, check out this article from last month in the Financial Times:…

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Michael owens
Michael owens

Yep, we punted him from Australia, where he was running his mouth. He thought he’d be a big frog in a little pond here.”Dont think so Tim” the media tore him a new one,!!.