It turns out Donald Trump asked Ivanka whether she would like to run the World Bank

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Last week it was reported that Donald Trump had “mulled over” the idea of nominating his daughter, Ivanka, for the position of head of the World Bank. It was just the kind of dumb thing you could imagine Trump mulling over. Today, the Associated Press reports that Trump didn’t mull anything over: He straight-up asked if Ivanka Trump would run the World Bank. Ivanka is touring Africa right now, because being as far out of the United States as possible when the shit hits the fan is what Trumps do. Reports the AP, Ivanka explained that her dad, and America’s blunt object, mulled at her about the World Bank: “Ivanka Trump says her father raised the job with her as ‘a question’ and she told him she was ‘happy with the work’ she’s doing.”

This is the same person that believed that proof of her education, her intelligence, and her competence as a business elite was extorting money out of the help when she was a child running a failed lemonade stand. Seriously. Ivanka says she doesn’t think there’s a run for elected office in her future.*

*Fingers crossed for a jail stint!

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Michael owens
Michael owens

Fk the whole crime family off… what are you waiting for !!!, the third world war?

Real Patriot
Real Patriot

It’s way past time for impeachment, as soon as Congress (subpoenas) the unredacted Mueller Report (which legally, they should get before the Tresident’s aka Treasonous Resident’s attorneys), this is more grounds, plus some, for obstruction of Justice! IMPEACHMENT IS IMMINENT, if we are to save our democracy. People of the United States…IT AIN’T SAFE, IT AIN’T SAFE!