Donald Trump’s approval ratings have been insanely steady throughout his presidency, and have been glued to the 40-45% range for the last two years.

You would expect them to take a hit based on his, you know, having sent his minions out on an armed attack of Congress — but given the cult-like loyalty of Trump followers, you never know.

Well good news — the latest numbers show his approval rating is starting to tumble.  Looking at the polls listed in that include only data collected after Jan 6, his rating has dropped to the mid 30’s, as compared to ~45% on election day, and ~42% a week ago.

Given that more leaders and other public figures are condemning Trump every day (including the great job being done by Pelosi), I think it’s a pretty good bet that these numbers will continue to plummet, and with any luck he will soon be in Dick Cheney territory.

Daily Kos

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  1. Moron never got above 50% in his whole presidency. It’s only fitting that the orange baboon goes out dragging his knuckles.

  2. Plus all 130 Rep. Who proved to the world what COWSRDS LOOK LIKE. If one of those cowards were in the site of those rioters, they would panic , and try lite a baby, Carlson would hide and push the women out of his hiding place. He is the number one champion of coward. All mouth no guts to do things on his own.


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