It still looks like Mike Flynn is probably going to jail

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This week in the never-ending story of the non-dismissal of Gen. Michael Flynn’s perjury charges, we’ve had the scathing and blistering recommendations delivered from former Judge John Gleeson to Judge Sullivan and an appeals court hearing which was highly skeptical of the Government’s claims.

According to The Washington Post, a D.C. federal appeals court this Friday “appeared reluctant” to dismiss the guilty plea of President Trump’s former national security adviser, Michael Flynn. The court signaled that it believes the Justice Department intervening to drop a prosecution is “not in the public interest.”

“Flynn, joined by the Justice Department, had asked the appeals court to force U.S. District Court Judge Emmet G. Sullivan to quickly close the case and put a stop to Sullivan’s examination of the government’s unusual decision to drop the charges against the retired three-star general,” the Post reports.

“But Judges Karen Henderson and Robert Wilkins of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit expressed skepticism of Flynn’s argument that Sullivan cannot conduct an independent evaluation or name an outside party to argue against the Justice Department’s May 7 motion,” the report added.

So that’s another big bowl of fail for Bill Barr — and wait until you see what Judge Gleeson had to say.

In his recommendations Gleeson stated that Sullivan should not issue judicial perjury charges against Flynn, he shouldn’t get special treatment.  instead, Sullivan should ignore the DOJ dismissal document because it was basically a politically inspired sham.

“They contradict and ignore this Court’s prior orders, which constitute law of the case,” Gleeson said of the DOJ’s new reasons for why the case should be dismissed. “They are riddled with inexplicable and elementary errors of law and fact.”

Gleeson described the DOJ’s explanations for dropping the case as “not credible,” saying that it was involved in “corrupt, politically motivated dismissals.”

“The Government has engaged in highly irregular conduct to benefit a political ally of the President,” Gleeson wrote.


“The reasons offered by the Government are so irregular, and so obviously pretextual, that they are deficient,” Gleeson wrote. “Moreover, the facts surrounding the filing of the Government’s motion constitute clear evidence of gross prosecutorial abuse.”

Gleeson added that the reasons for dismissal “are directly and decisively disproven by the Government’s own briefs filed just months ago in this very proceeding,” before homing in on the damage done to Sullivan’s authority in the case: “They are also plainly inconsistent with prior orders of this Court, which constitute law of the case.”

He argued that Flynn should be sentenced based on his original December 2017 guilty plea and laid out the details of the political ugliness of the case.

“Russia was a geopolitical adversary that had just interfered with the American electoral process, yet Flynn was quietly making conciliatory overtures that undercut the just- announced measures intended to convey the seriousness with which the United States regarded that incursion,” Gleeson wrote.

Gleeson also emphasized in the filing Trump’s own promises to Flynn, purportedly made on the day of his February 2017 resignation from the position of National Security Adviser.

“On Flynn’s final day, the President hugged him and said, ‘You’re a good guy. We’ll take care of you,’” the filing reads. “In his resignation letter, Flynn thanked Trump ‘for his personal loyalty.’”

“The next day, Trump began working personally to avert any criminal investigation of Flynn’s conduct,” Gleeson concluded..

Trump didn’t want Flynn investigated, he didn’t want Flynn prosecuted, he didn’t want him sentenced and Bill Barr is trying to deliver that last wish to him despite the facts of the case and despite the law.  He’s guilty.

Throughout his argument for why Flynn committed a crime and should therefore be sentenced, Gleeson emphasized the point that all of the arguments he made in favor of Flynn’s guilt were, just months earlier, those made by the same government Gleeson currently opposes.

“Not only did the Government all make these arguments, but the Court has already agreed with them,” Gleeson noted at one point

He should be sentenced, he should see jail. Period. It’s up to Judge Sullivan when that will actually happen. This process has been one gigantic fail burger for Barr and Trump.

If they want Flynn free they’re going to have to issue a pardon.

Meanwhile, Trump and the wrong-wing of the Republicans and Fox News have been out-and-out lying about the Seattle autonomous zone which has been developed by protestors in the city.

Here we have a Fox segment featuring “reporter” Andy Ngo.

Here Ngo attempts to make the residents look like violent thugs with a recording of a private conversation where one of them is carrying a “weapon” [A baseball bat.]  Ngo has been previously busted by Rolling Stone for being an agent provocateur for White Supremacist hate-group the Proud Boys.

Nowhere was this demonstrated more quickly than in the case of the meteoric rise and equally rapid fall of Andy Ngo, the provocateur and social media personality who garnered nationwide sympathy last June, when he tweeted that he was attacked by antifascist protesters at a Proud Boys rally. Last week, the local newspaper the Portland Mercury reported that a left-wing activist going undercover as a member of Patriot Prayer, a far-right group known for promoting and engaging in violent clashes with leftist activists, had given the publication an 18-minute video that included footage of Ngo with a group of Patriot Prayer members as the members discuss an upcoming brawl, including weaponry to be used in altercations with antifa. Ngo, who describes himself as a journalist, did not record the conversation, and does not appear to have his camera or notebook out. For part of the footage, he is seen on his phone.

The source told the Mercury that Ngo and Patriot Prayer have an “understanding” that the group offers him protection when he covers rallies in exchange for favorable coverage. While this has not been confirmed, and Ngo strongly denies these allegations, an audio conversation between members of the Proud Boys, released by Willamette Week seemed to confirm that such discussions between Ngo and the Proud Boys had occurred, as one man is recorded saying that Ngo was attacked on June 29th because he refused an offer of protection. “Andy Ngo was fucking told that if he wanted protection from the PBs [Proud Boys], he went in with us and he went out with us,” the man says.

Fox News has been caught digitally manipulating images to make them appear more sinister and violent. But if the wing-nuts would like Seattle PD to come charging back into the CHAZ with CS gas and rubber bullets they’re in for a bummer because a Federal Judge has already blocked them from doing that, because they had already done it before.

SEATTLE — A federal judge in Seattle has found evidence that the Seattle Police Department used excessive force and violated the free-speech rights of thousands of demonstrators, and has issued a temporary restraining order preventing officers from using pepper spray, tear gas, foam-tipped projectiles or any other force against peaceful protesters.In issuing the order, U.S. District Judge Richard Jones concluded, based on video and other evidence, “that on some occasions the SPD has in fact used less-lethal weapons disproportionately and without provocation.

Filing bogus dismissal notices, doctoring videos and images, there’s not bottom below which these people will not sink to have their way.

Here are the remaining events for this past week:

June 7th–…

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pure methane
pure methane

Flynn is not going to jail. Flynn has motion that his guilty plea be withdrawn due to prosecutorial misconduct. in the meantime, the DOJ dropped the case and that is where we are at now. The local law enforcement is corrupt as was the FBI