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Well, I hope that all of the bed wetters and mouth breathers out there proudly wearing their idiotic <ake America Great Again hats are pleased with themselves. This is what happens when you elect an arrogant, self obsessed, pathological narcissistic fucker as the leader of the free world. It goes to hell in a hand basket.

There are three things that I want to make perfectly clear. One is that Donald Trump doesn’t give a fat rats ass about Jerusalem, or the Jews. If Jared Kushner wasn’t Jewish, and if Ivanka had not converted to Judaism, Trump would be hard pressed to fnd and show anyone Jewish with whom he had a strong personal relationship. Trump has no political ideology concerning the Jewish state. They have PAC money, and he thinks that Bibi Netanyahu digs him. What more reason does he need to start a regional conflagration?

Second point. As has been oft stated, there are nepotism laws for a reason. Let’s look at this bluntly and honestly. You have the most ignorant, moronic, incompetent sumbitch ever to hold public office, and who does he put in charge of the longest sputtering, slowest fuse tinderbox in the world? An equally ignorant, moronic, incompetent sumbitch with a vested interest for one side of the dispute! And who is the Hebrew hypocrite scheming and conniving with? A 30 something, arrogant, moronic, incompetent sumbitch in a keffiyeh who is tired of being crown prince, and wants to be THE crown prince of Saudi Arabia. What could possibly go wrong?

Jared Kushner needs to go, and he needs to go right now. A man whose wife once thought that the headmistress of a daycare center where they were thinking of parking their monkey spawn during the day was “the help” because of her clothing is not someone you want trying to bring the Israelis and the Palestinians together. His Mideast solution would be to biuld lots of dormitory factories in the region for Palestinian women to work in stitching together Ivanka’s shit clothing line and shoes.

Third point. Donald Trump is now a clear and present danger to world peace, and he’s doing it intentionally. This was not a move brought on by manifest incompetence, it was a calculated move of self interest. Nobody asked for this. Israel wasn’t publicly calling for this. Shit, all Trump was supposed to be doing was to sign a waiver extension to avoid moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, something every President since Clinton has been doing every six months to absolutely no fanfare whatsoever. 

This was a totally cynical and self serving move on Trump’s part. You can tell by the logic of it alone. The reasoning is that by the US unilaterally “settling” the issue of the right of possession of Jerusalem in Israel’s favor, this will “take the issue off of the table”, allowing the Israeli’s and Palestinians to negotiate without that distraction. This is like Finland and Russia getting into a border pissing contest, and Trump declaring that Ekaterinberg is now the rightful capitol of Finland. Yeah, that should help.,. 

There was a totally self serving motivation here. Mueller has rolled up Flynn. Flynn is going to almost certainly going to put the heat directly on Kushner, Trump Jr, and possibly His Lowness himself,  Mueller didn’t cut a deal with him to roll on Roger Stone and Carter Page. In addition to that, the headlines are black about his stupid lawyer, and the possibility that he knew about Flynn’s lies when he fired Comey, proving his obstruction of justice. Trump can’t rebut this, and he can’t explain or rationalize it, and it isn’t going to get better. How does Trump deal with any problem? Distraction. And what better distraction than to have the whole world pissed at him for breaking over a hornets nest. He can say what he wants, but this was nothing more than another head fake to get the nations eye off of his culpability.

Which would normally be fine, all is fair in love and politics. But not this time. Trump’s blatant stupidity is going to get real people killed. Iran is going to use this decision to funnel more funds and material support to Hamas, which will use it to kill Israelis. Palestinians angered and frustrated by Trump’s arrogance will increase “lone wolf”knife and car ramming attacks, killing Israeli’s who have nothing to do with anything. If the violence spirals, Israel will crack down on Palestinian protests, at least injuring, if not killing unarmed Palestinians.

And Donald J Trump Esq will own every single one of those deaths, which is more than he can say for his schlock towers. And he’ll own them because he was too gutless to accept responsibility for getting caught with his stubby little fingers in the Russian cookie jar. Soulless, cowardly prick.

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