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I recently wrote an article that showed some of how farmers got screwed by the Trump Administration and just imagine how it feels when one of your issues just turns up out of the blue and pops out at you. I get the feeling someone is reading my articles!  It seems that farming has suddenly become a hot topic.

I hate to give anything to the opposition but it seems Joni Ernst has led a push to address this issue. Trump made all kinds of promises to these Iowa corn farmers for ethanol production. And you know what a good guy Trump is on keeping promises. That’s good until he sets foot on Air Force One. Then all bets are off. Yep, Trump gave these guys the pie in the sky while they were handing him money in 2016. Then as soon as the big refineries got there two cents in he dropped the bomb on ethanol. If you read my other article you would know that this is part of a double whammy. Tariffs with China killed their export business but hey they still had ethanol. If you are a bent-up old country boy like me you would know they had a banner business with China and they were having trouble keeping up on ethanol. That is until the great deal maker came along. He did a two for one special on them and killed both markets. That’s pretty much the Republican side.

Now they got ahold of the Biden campaign and told him you need to get down to Iowa. They are pissed off at Trump over the double-dealing screwing that they got from Trump. There was a group partly made up of former Governor Tom Vilsack, Representative Collin Peterson from Minnesota, Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois, and Representative Cheri Bustos of Illinois. It seems to have made an impression. Biden immediately released a statement touting his support of ethanol. It was noted that Hillary Clinton didn’t talk to these people and it definitely hurt her campaign. It was also noted that the Democratic Senate hopeful got a bump in her numbers by coming out for ethanol while criticizing Ernst for following trumps previous kissing ass of big oil. They told Biden you get the farm voters you might just win the state.

Now of course the Donald Trump/Joni Ernst team is blowing it up to whoever they might that they are going to be pushing ethanol all over the place. They are working on waivers to make it more assessable to consumers at the pump. Why, you probably could say Joni Ernst is walking on clouds. Not my opinion, but hey, someone must like her.

Now before everyone goes out and starts doing backflips here, there is a downside on the National front. The oil industry isn’t going to be too happy with this. Mainly in Texas and Pennsylvania. Now the oil industry being what it is they delegate the small refineries to produce ethanol. This pleases them to no end. They have to maintain special equipment to make ethanol and while they are making it they can’t make the more profitable mainstream gasoline.

So, this is what happens when you start talking about a topic.  It seems to “crop” up absolutely everywhere!

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