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Donald Trump foregoes security briefings because he doesn’t need them, he has said. He’s a “smart guy” and doesn’t need to “read the same thing every day.” Plus, he’s getting briefed by Fox & Friends, according to a recent report by NBC News White House correspondent Peter Alexander.

First, Alexander went into a discussion of Trump’s three tweets this morning on the attack in New York City, and noted how Trump plugged Fox News — or perhaps he was directing the episode of Fox & Friends.

“It appears he’s watching Fox News this morning,” Alexander said. “It appears that that’s where he’s getting, in effect, his briefing this morning. This attack in Manhattan [is] serving sort of a dual purpose for this president, allowing him and other conservatives to push their immigration agenda, but also to take a swipe at the Senate’s top Democrat [Chuck Schumer].”

“We do know that Senator Schumer played a significant role in drawing up this program, back about 27 years ago in 1990. His proposals became part of a broader immigration package which was passed by Congress in a bi-partisan vote and signed into law by a Republican president. “

“This is notable. I think we’re going to be watching the way the president reacts now. We were told by White House press secretary Sarah Sanders that the president was getting ongoing updates from his Chief of Staff but early in the morning the president gets his best information by watching television.”

“That appears to be what he’s reacting to right now. Yesterday, in a series of tweets, as he witnessed what was happening in New York City, on teevee, he described the attacker as a very sick and deranged person. He added, “Law enforcement is following this closely…Bottom line, the president, before he’s had his morning briefing for this day is receiving his information from Fox&Friends it appears.”

There was a reporter standing outside on the lawn that could have given Trump the legislative history of the immigration package he was railing against, but Trump chose instead to defer to the keen political prowess of Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade and Abby Huntsman, whom former Reagan White House domestic policy advisor Bruce Barlett called, “those three idiots,” on CNN recently.

“I think sometimes we get the cause and effect relationship backwards,” Bartlett responded. “We think, oh, we see this Hillary non-story about uranium. We think the White House leaked it and encouraged Fox to run with it. I think it’s the other way around.”

“The people at Fox are thinking ‘what can we do to help Trump today? Well, let’s gin up the Hillary story again,” he continued. “You yourself have reported on many occasions that those three idiots on Fox & Friends seem to be –.”

“Hey, why the name call? Why the name calling?” Stelter interrupted.

“Well, because i think we have to call a spade a spade,” Bartlett shot back. “I think one of the problems in the media is that they’re afraid to say Trump is lying. They’re afraid to say that the people at Fox are just propaganda. I’m trying to use plain language to say what I think is the truth.”

Plain language and the truth used to be the coin of the realm in America, baked into our cultural cake. Not in the age of Trump.

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