Israeli Intelligence: Russia Picked Trump, Ran Him For President

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This is rather serious.

Of course, we have sort of known this. It feels different when confirmed by people that we suspect are not messing around in going to the media. A former Mossad chief, Tamir Pardo, assures us it is worse than we know.

From Newsweek:

“Officials in Moscow looked at the 2016 U.S. presidential race and asked, ‘Which candidate would we like to have sitting in the White House? Who will help us achieve our goals?’ And they chose him. From that moment, they deployed a system [of bots] for the length of the elections, and ran him for president.”

If anything, we suspect that is conservative. We tend to wonder whether Moscow determined that Trump would run in the first place. Regardless, it is horrifying to hear from someone who would definitely know.

Except that is not the horrifying part:

“What we’ve seen so far with respect to bots and the distortion of information is just the tip of the iceberg. It is the greatest threat of recent years, and it threatens the basic values that we share—democracy and the world order created since World War Two,”

Translation. HE has seen the stuff he cannot talk about, the underside of the iceberg, and it is the biggest threat to democracy since World War II.

If that doesn’t stop you from your normal Trump loathing, it should. This man would not say this now without a reason.

He has the data to back it up:

“On Facebook, the five most shared and the five most liked posts focused on divisive issues, with pro-gun ownership content, anti-immigration content pitting immigrants against veterans, content decrying police violence against African Americans, and content that was anti-Muslim, anti-refugee, anti-Obama, and pro-Trump,”

I should also note that the above quotes came from a talk given at a tech conference, and reported on by Israeli media giant Haaretz. To me, it means that at least this Israeli ex-intelligence chief wants the world to know that there is more to the story than we already know.

I suspect we should listen, and pass this along. Again, we all realize there isn’t really anything “new” here, except that it was being said by a person we might normally see as a Trump ally. Of course, we also note it was said now, which could also be meaningful.

Are we seeing a shift in conservative consensus regarding Trump’s competence, or lack thereof? I follow things very closely, and that is the sense that I am getting. Trump’s instability is increasingly hard to deny, and it seems some believe we are entering territory dangerous enough to make sure others know.

Tip of the iceberg, and what we see is dangerous enough.


Peace, y’all.

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Rowdy Girl
Rowdy Girl

Or, is this Putin, putting forth more doubtful information in order to put forth yet another candidate to complete what Trump started? Trump is discending into some dark hole as his mind deteriorates. Putin can see that. But he’s too close to having what he wants and will not turn back now. Be careful everyone. Just when we think we have it figured out, we find that we are not close at all. Satan has pulled out all the stops and it is very dangerous out there.

David Bishop
David Bishop

This is not credible. If this ex-whatever knows this info, so does the rest of significant leadership in the world. And this is actionable information. Why hasn’t the world done anything about this? Because right now it is hearsay.

Dick Panico
Dick Panico

..,Well , hell Trump gives up”actionable information” nearly every day .
..But so far ,no action has been
taken . It’s up to the Republican held senate to take such action , and under “MIGHTY MIDGET MITCH “, no action taken , and in fact blocked.
..Impeachment is long past due .
..We need to undo the “Trump trash’s”, unwinding of our Democracy.

Dick Panico
Dick Panico

..If your calling Putin and Trump , instruments
of the Devil ? Well it’s OK I GUESS .
…But , we’ve never been able to deal with the Devil , at least not lately. And we haven’t been able to deal with Trump .
..But his base alongside the evangelical ‘s , and Televangelist, would be of the Devil .
…That makes sense!! No question in my mind !