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Several weeks ago, a GOP strategist told SiriusXM’s Michelangelo Signorile that Donald Trump’s hold on his followers is a Ponzi scheme.

“It only works as long as it appears to work,” Signorile observes. “A few major losses can bring the whole thing crashing down. I feel like that’s happening. And Trump knows it.”

Similar to Signorile, blogger Digby thinks Trump’s scheme may be collapsing even among his own followers, thus Trump falling to just 38 percent approval in Gallup’s weekly tracking poll—practically plummeting from his 44 percent approval a couple weeks out from Election Day.

Gallup tracking poll of Trump

“If I had to guess,” Digby writes of Trump’s drop, “I’d say that it’s because his ‘winner’ bubble has burst and some of his voters finally realize that he isn’t teflon and they’ve had to accept that his absurdity is a liability.”

Trump’s most fervent followers not only see him as their champion, they seem to get a certain sense of self-worth by attaching themselves to him and his supposed “winning.” It’s clearly validating for many of them to be seen, and then be seen as crushing their detractors and/or those who they believe have ignored and disrespected them in the past.

But there’s no fun in attaching yourself to someone who’s vulnerable and weak—a loser. That’s a death knell for someone whose success depends almost entirely on their cult of personality persisting among a minority of the population. Last week, Trump declared the midterms “very close to a complete victory” for him and the GOP. Since then, Democrats have cemented a resounding victory in the House, significantly blunted the GOP’s pickups in the Senate, and key races have slipped back into recounts.

Has anyone noticed how desperate Trump is to win in Florida?

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  1. I would add that he is missing the adulation of his rallies where the blindly-devoted, wet themselves all over him.
    Now he’s back.. ‘watching his back’.

  2. As we have known from the beginning, when tRump’s “useful idiot” roll flags and he becomes a political liability, unable to fire up the base with his clown circus routine, he will be turfed by his Kremlin puppet masters, and by his GOP handlers.

    • I think this is a good assessment, (tinged with a dollop of wishful thinking, on my part). It could be that’s what the meeting between Rupert Murdoch & Mitch McConnell was about last Friday night; his “useful idiot” status has now served its purpose, providing the tax break for the rich, 2 SCOTUS and several DC judges. The GOP have enough of what they want, and Trump isn’t going to help them get any more for the next two years. In fact, he is now a problem for them, (as well as the rest of the world), the latter which has negative consequences for the US globally (trade and security), and financially (trade and stock market performance). When these chickens come home to roost there will be no capable administration to deal with the fall out, because it’s peopled with self-serving morons. Trump destroys, he doesn’t build.

      • Samtam, really enjoyed your writting on DT. Agree with what you wrote. Also agree with your assumptions. Pleasure to read,

        Mick from Australia ✌️

  3. Great synopsis! I can feel this is different. His infantile behavior in France was the proverbial straw. Now the pressure needs to be turned up with no chance for him to recover. He has serialy recovered in the past, but he has finally become the “boy who cried wolf” & a cariacture of himself.


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