Is This Trump’s Worst Miscalculation Yet?


Because the pandemic is going to uniquely force a much higher absentee voting rate than normal, and because Trump is so incompetently obvious in his clumsy thuggery of the post office, this is quite properly a national scandal. But the underlying argument is not new, and actually doesn’t support Trump’s logic on this issue.

This happens every damn voting cycle, Presidential and off year. Election year gets here, and the topic of early voting and absentee voting comes to the top. The Republicans, figuring that if the Democrats are in favor of it, it must hurt the GOP, get on their hind legs to oppose any advances. The democrats push anyway, and in states where the control the legislature and Governor’s mansion, some progress may be made.

Just a quick tutorial, for clarity as we go along below. There are two topics of voting that come up every cycle. Early voting simply means a person showing up at a polling place on a day before election day to cast their ballot. It is still an in person ballot. Absentee balloting, which includes both mail in ballots as well as requested absentee ballots to come by and be returned by mail. The difference is critical, because the statistics are pretty much mutually exclusive.

In early in person voting, statistically that tends to skew more heavily in favor of the democrats. But logically, if the majority of Democrats voted early in person, the in person election day balloting tends to skew heavily in favor of the GOP. My personal opinion is that since GOP voters tend to be older, they tend to vote on election day because that was the only option that was available to them in their formative voting years. But as in most things, turnout intensity settles the issue.

But when it comes to absentee and mail in balloting, suddenly you have hordes of “experts” crawling out of the woodwork, and onto the sets on network news shows, lugging briefcases full of study data of all kinds. And the consensus seems to be nearly universal. While mitigating factors may skew an mail in balloting generally does not tend to favor either side! Yeah, you got it, it tends to be a wash, neither side gains a perceptible advantage.individual race or election, over the long haul,

I think I know what’s causing Trump to lose his shit over this topic, it’s an utterly ridiculous poll that was released recently. The poll showed that people who planned to vote by mail were breaking for Biden by some ridiculous margin like 81-14. But people who planned to vote in person were breaking for Trump by some equally ludicrous margin like 62-24. The first of my myriad of problems with the poll is who the fuck were their survey pool? Anybody who is registered to vote, only likely voters, or only people who have voted by mail in the past? Also, there is nothing comparative to put this poll up against. And also, the disparity in the results are off the charts compared to any other reputable poll between the two candidates. But it looks like exactly the kind of conspiracy theory bullshit that would put Trump’s panties in a bunch.

But when you dock back in to Starship Reality, it doesn’t take much research to realize that Trump is taking a world class crap shoot with this strategy. For one thing, although polls are showing slippage, older voters are still a core GOP constituency. And by trashing mail in balloting in the middle of a pandemic, Trump may well be taking votes off of the table that both he, as well as vulnerable GOP Senate incumbents desperately need. This could be especially devastating in traditionally GOP leaning states with heavy elderly populations like Arizona, Iowa, and Florida.

Next up, like a 15 year old trying out for a porn flick, Trump just can’t seem to resist finishing the reel too early. Trump is making the disruptions with postal service too obvious too early. Leaving possible congressional interference out of it, postmasters are already sending warning letters to Secretaries of State in places like Michigan and Pennsylvania letters warning that with current circumstances, they will not be able to guarantee late posted ballots with on time delivery on election day. But it’s too damn early for that. He’s leaving state SoS’s time to update their rules, by maybe capping the mail in ballot requests to 10 days out, or even better, by extending the counting period to 5 days after election day for ballots that were properly postmarked. And before you scoff, kindly remember that this year several GOP SoS’s have openly defied GOP controlled legislatures to make access to m on how they ran the states elections, and they have aspirations too.ail in ballots easier. Their ticket to the Governors office or a Senate seat will be judged.

But the biggest risk is the one due to my favorite word, intensity. Back in the early spring the Wisconsin GOP dominated legislature sued The Democratic Governor to force a largely in person ballot for a state Supreme Court seat, as a method of voter suppression middle of the pandemic at its worst. Instead, people lined up for hours in the cold, wearing masks and largely socially distanced, and sent the GOP candidate down in flames.  In Georgia, the GOP Secretary of State traded increased early voting days for a gutting of election day polling places, along with a bunch of brand new, untested voting machines and inadequate tech support. Democrats in minority neighborhoods waited in the rain 5-6 hours to cast their ballots.

This is intensity. You don’t make more than a million bucks an hour in the 24 hours following the announcement of a Vice Presidential candidate under normal circumstances. The polling, both nationally as well as key battleground states, show that the majority of people want Trump gone. It doesn’t matter what Trump does, they are going to get their ballots in. Polls to the souls will run extra buses half empty for social distancing if needed. Trump’s early warning means that people will request their mail in ballots early, fill them out the same day, and get them in the mail, or drop them off at an early polling location. The momentum is palpable in the electorate.

There are miles to go yet for this saga. Personally, I bet the majority of the country wants Trump gone, and if they’re willing to do whatever it takes to get their ballots in and counted, there isn’t a damn thing he can do about it. I believe that Trump’s heavy handed abuse of the postal service, and the transparent machinations of his uber rich lackeys are going to lead to consequences, not only from congress, but also from the outcry of thousands, if not millions of veterans who rely on timely mail delivery for their checks and medications. Seniors are also going to rebel. Now that Trump’s personal ass is hanging in the wind on this issue, watch for his poll numbers to fall even more, especially with veterans and the seniors. This is a fight I don’t think he really wanted to pick.

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Uncounted ballots are clearly the property of the State – not the Federal gov’t. (Postmaster) Could each individual state retrieve them from the post offices and count them? Perhaps the State’s police could help if the National Guard can’t be counted on? Maybe Congress could indirectly find funding for this without writing an obvious bill?


I think you mean Souls to the Polls 🤣