Is There No TOO Low For The GOP?

Being a lifelong political junkie, I’m no stranger to a politician making some high falutin’ moral statement, and then almost immediately thereafter getting caught doing what he had just ranted and raved against. And when they get caught, rather than getting all red faced and apologizing, they bullshit it away, and keep right on being hypocritical douches on the subject.

The example that immediately comes to mind is GOP congressional rockhead Louis DeJarlais. A bombastic right to lifer, he wanted doctors locked up for life for daring to perform an abortion, and their patients could rot in the cell next to them. That was before DeJarlais, a doctor, was exposed for having an affair with a patient, getting said patient pregnant, and then pressuring her to get an abortion, even driving her out of state to try to hide it. His basic response was to almost completely ignore the scandal, run for reelection, and unbelievably enough win, while still running on the identical pro life platform he had just defiled.

But in the world of Trump and the McConnell GOP, I keep asking myself, shouldn’t there be some point, at which either a politician or even a party crosses a line that is so low, that the only possible response is abject shame?Not just for obscuring their own personal prejudices and quirks, but when they sink to the level that they show nothing but disdain and even disgust for the very people who voted them into power? Apparently now.

I was heartbroken last month when I learned that the demographic with the fastest rising coronavirus explosion per 100,000 people was the Navajo nation. Native nations and indigenous tribes without the cushion of a casino on tribal lands tend to have the deck stacked against them to start with. After all, the US government wasn’t going to cede land to them that was good for much of anything else. But it was still tragic to learn that the situation had deteriorated to the point that Doctors Without Borders had sent a team into temporary housing to help deal with the crisis.

That being said, those with a cold enough heart could at least seek to exonerate the US government for the neglect, simply by stating that after all, just like any other tribe, the Navajo are a sovereign nation, with their own laws. Of course, you will come off as a completely heartless prick for even suggesting such a thing, but the argument can be made.

Bit not now. Not anymore. Thanks to their Fuck it, let’s see what happens attitude towards reopening their never completely shuttered state, Florida is seeing massive spikes in their reported cases, hospitalizations, and deaths. Even worse, the GOP DeSantis administration is actively doing everything in their power to make things worse, while putting on a cheery public face. For instance, DeSantis fired the state official who was responsible for putting out accurate information on the case numbers. He fired her for putting out accurate information on the case numbers! Rather than go away, the woman has continued to use her sources and access to gain legitimate numbers, and started a public website where Floridians of a mind can get accurate information on how their government is trying to kill them.

There is at least one community in Florida that is feeling terribly underserved by their own state government. Their cases are approaching out of control, and pleas for help have fallen on deaf ears. So, outright demands from community leaders have been made, and those too have gone completely ignored by the DeSantis administration. When you get to that point, there is only one solution left.

Doctors Without Borders. Yeah, you heard me, fucking Doctors Without Borders had to send a team into a temporary facility to try to help to get the virus under control. How is this even remotely possible? Florida is not some underdeveloped third world country, it’s a thriving state, with a robust economy, bolstered with pristine sandy beaches and overpriced theme parks with college students running around in rodent suits! What conceivable explanation can there be for Florida having to allow in a bunch of physician saints to help then care for their own constituents?

As Conor McLeod said in Highlander, There can be only one. And that one is that they just don’t give a fuck. They don’t give a fuck about the virus, they don’t give a fuck about their constituents, they don’t give a fuck about anything anymore. Right now, the only item on the agenda is to do everything they possibly can to ensure that The Mango Moron gets four more years to finish demolishing the country. And laying the lives of thousands of their own citizens at the alter of The Cheeto Prophet is an acceptable sacrifice.

It’s all about power, you see? Since the Republican party stopped having an actual platform and agenda, and even partially coherent ideas about 20 years ago, all that is left is power. And the only use for power is to beget more power. Trump and the GOP are living proof that when you, either as an individual, or as a party no longer have a heart or soul, then there is no low that is too low. What the GOP is clearly displaying is a toxic mix, power without shame. And that, as much as Joe Biden and The Lincoln Project, is what will help to bring this whole thing crashing to the ground. It has to, because something must.

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Nicely said!

John Johnson
John Johnson

I said it before DeSantis is an AS$HOLE. He better enjoy the time he has left because he will not be here after that!!! He should have never been voted in to begin with. The east coast got screwed on their votes. I would rather have a Drunk in their!!