In today’s game of, “Texas, Arizona, or Florida,” we find ourselves..drumroll-in Lakeland, FL where a man who has love in his heart was threatened with an eviction on his door.

He says management is now warning him that if he doesn’t take his flag down, he could be evicted.

Sunday, he (Jimmy Anderson) raised the flag on his flagpole outside his home to commemorate pride month. The next morning, management at the Sunshine Village mobile home park in Lakeland issued him a notice, telling him to take it down.


“However, he chooses to display it. That’s fine. It’s not harming anybody. We’re not losing any sleep because of his flag,” neighbor Melba Robinson said.

In the notice, park management writes, “only the American flag may be flown. All other flags are to be taken down.”

Except for Don’t Tread On Me.  That is apparently OK, as the link discusses.  I don’t understand how free speech can be applied narrowly, arbitrarily, or selectively.  

Of course, nary a week goes by without Arizona submitting an entry to a game for misanthropes.  Arizona’s entry was a woman flying a F-— Biden flag


A F-— Biden flag.  

“And F-— You If You Voted For Him.”  

She tells us she has no plans to take the flag down. “Yes, it might be a little vulgar to some, and offensive to see, but everybody is entitled to their opinion,” said the homeowner. “If the kids can figure out what the sign says, then these kids have already heard that kind of language and vulgarity, either at home, on TV, the movies, or in school.”

Ah, the old, “society is already effed” defense.   

Well, ok then.  Hmm.  This is a tough one.  The Texas entry was somewhat pedestrian this week and the Arizona entry is almost mailing it in at this point.  I mean, when you have special equipment to detect Chinese bamboo in paper, a flag just won’t cut it.

No I look around this trailer park-and the idea that Chick-Fil-A might feel at home here pushes it over the top.

So this week’s winner is Florida, for telling an LGBT rights advocate he could be kicked out for showing support for Pride Month, without giving the same treatment to someone who may well be, a Proud Boy.

Congrats Florida, you win again.


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