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The Trump performance at the Russian-Summit, has been panned as dangerous, sobering, embarrassing, enlightening (and not in a good way), in short, a defining moment, from which Trump will never fully return. Even Fox anchors voiced real concern, uncharacteristically. So, it got me wondering, did the “Trump base” understand why happened and why?

There is really only one way to truly check-in on the Trump “base” and get a reliable read. Watch Hannity, which obviously I am too sane and weak in the stomach to really do, and read Breitbart. Since I havn’t had my morning shower, it seemed a good time to look into it.

I did read about the Hannity interview and it sounded like a public discussion between two lovers:

Hannity began the interview saying, “You literally just finished the press conference with president Putin moments ago. A lot of stuff came up. You were very strong at the end of the press conference.” The “very strong” Hannity referred to concerned the president’s bringing up email servers and former FBI agent Peter Strzok in response to a question about Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

In other words, that part of the base has already determined that Donald Trump “won,” and support him as much as ever at this point. That portion has committed themselves to forever believing that a huge conspiracy is occurring among a massive array of people, former politicians, “the media,” the current FBI, and Mueller’s investigation, all under the rubric known was “deep state

Now, Hannity is laughable, and a known joke. I have long believed that Hannity is either being paid by the Russians, whether in rubles, dollars or “paying” Hannity by not unleashing all those pics of him with _____ (I don’t know that any exist). Let’s just say Hannity did his “job.”

I’m more concerned about things like this, from a website with a decent following that I won’t link.:

After Helsinki, Democrats incite “deep state” action against Trump

17 July 2018

Monday’s meeting in Helsinki has unleashed a torrent of wild denunciations that verge on a direct appeal to the military and intelligence agencies to take action to force Donald Trump’s removal from the White House.

The Democratic Party, the corporate media and leading figures within the US military and intelligence apparatus have joined in branding Trump a traitor who is functioning as an agent of the Kremlin.

Trump and his cohorts have many crimes to answer for. But the objectives that motivate the anti-Trump hysteria in the media and the conspiratorial methods to which the Democrats are resorting are utterly reactionary.

I’m not putting them in quotes, nor am I linking to the disgusting site. If the reader wants to read the entire article, you’re free to simply put the title and first sentence in google. The important part is noting that there is fascist-manipulation happening on the right and it’s a daily effort. I watched the coverage yesterday, read a great deal, all in “Leftist” (that’s what they call us now) sites. I have heard a great deal of criticism. I have not once heard or read the military mentioned, not once.. Nor have I heard anyone discuss “removal from the White House,” with the exception of those who note that if Mueller discloses something that Putin holds over Trump, something Trump has kept hidden, and something that causes Trump to act against U.S. interests in favor of his personal needs. That presupposes bipartisan action to rid ourselves of a president who puts his personal interests first, second, family interest third, then his again, and then party.



Here is the most neutral and semi-normal response:

Donald Trump Defies Criticism of Putin Meeting: ‘We Cannot Exclusively Focus on the Past’

Damn right. We need to focus almost exclusively on what we’re going to do in the next month or two when we find out exactly why it is that Trump is terrified of Putin. But that isn’t what they have in mind.

Trump weighed in on the controversy created after his press conference with Putin as he flew back to Washington, DC, aboard Air Force One. He urged Americans to spend less time criticizing Russia’s bad behavior in the past but to instead focus on the future.

“[I]n order to build a brighter future, we cannot exclusively focus on the past,” he wrote. “As the world’s two largest nuclear powers, we must get along!”

Mr. Trump, can I be on honest with you, Jackass, Sir, Sir Jackass? I agree! We cannot exclusively focus on the past, no certainly not. Like all good law-enforcement – who are now part of the deep state apparently – we must look to the past, while focusing upon the future, specifically what the hell are we going to do about you?

Trump saying “we must get along” is fine, so long as it’s followed with something like, “and that is why I am demanding that President Putin remove his troops from Crimea and the Ukraine, as well as cooperate with the United Kingdom in investigating a murder  on near-surely linked to Russia.” Had he said that, we would not be talking about the problems with Trump today.

The real gold lies in the comments. It’s all deep state stuff, media lies …all the stuff you know. The part that you perhaps don’t know involves how Putin is viewed by the true believers. While Trump’s “approval ratings” will surely slip some immediately, there’s no possible way they won’t. But, Putin’s ratings among this crowd are rising. After all, as it becomes more and more apparent that Putin did meddle in the election on the Republican side, what is wrong with that, if you’re a completely unpatriotic American who puts party over country, that sounds just like your type of guy, right?


This has been a public service, I went there so you don’t have to.

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