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File under: You have got to be kidding me. Trump Sec. of State Mike Pompeo is very concerned about election irregularities in Tanzania.

Here’s an official in a nonpartisan role who’s currently under investigation for abusing that position to give a partisan speech for the Republican National Convention. Someone whose party is engaged in litigation in battleground state after battleground state to make it more difficult to vote or to block votes from being counted. The son of his party’s leader incited followers to surround the opposition’s campaign bus on a highway, risking serious accidents. On Saturday, law enforcement officials pepper sprayed a crowd of people including children as they marched from a church to the polls. One of his party’s former top elections lawyers has spoken out, writing that “disenfranchising enough voters has become key to [Trump’s] reelection strategy.” But Pompeo is speaking out about how elections are conducted in other countries? Is he f’ing trolling us?

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Here’s Pompeo:

To be sure, there are reasons for concern over Tanzania’s elections. No question.

However, you want to talk about lacking the moral standing to raise such concerns? Pompeo could be a poster boy for no moral standing. It would be a series of posters with Donald Trump as the lead-off, but Pompeo would not be out of place there.

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  1. As far as how our election is going this time around I’m thinking the rest of the world sees the US as tRumps “shithole country”.

  2. Is it just me or has Pompeo quite literally devolved into a toad? Looks, slime, cannibalistic swamp dweller. He makes Shmeagle from The Lord of The Rings seem like a GQ model.

  3. Watch it about those countries. Trump may well retire to one of those s*hole countries. You know one that doesn’t have extradition.


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