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Things may have truly gotten bad for Gavin Newsom.

Earlier today, the AP made a report that Newsom, and by extension, California, has been hiding important data regarding the virus, and refuses to be transparent about things like ICU availability, bed availability, and so on. Likewise, it also effectively says “why is Newsom continuing to have certain things closed but not others?”

You can read all about that here: apnews.com/…

With a report like this, the “Recall Newsom” stunt may actually roar to life and threaten his hold of the governorship. Likewise, the many people who not only hate him, but Andrew Cuomo as well, are basically going to link them together, and say “of course these people are Dem dictators in disguise” and keep harping on the nursing home deaths. If the recall gets enough traction, they might try to attack Cuomo this way as well. Now, I’m certainly no fan of either, but they definitely showed more leadership regarding COVID than Trump ever did, even with continual foul-ups. And the alternative from the GOP would certainly be worse for both California and New York.

If you think this is too farfetched, just remember what happened in 2003 when Gray Davis was recalled and Arnold Schwarzenegger ended up governor. True, Arnold was the only real choice at that point among the more than 100 other candidates, and he’s far more reasonable than many other Republicans today, but the public held Davis accountable for an energy crisis that wasn’t his fault, and was the result of a bad “deregulation” of energy put into place by his Republican predecessor and made worse by the manipulation tactics of Enron and others. If anything, Davis was the only sane person in the room through the crisis of 2000-2001, and yet the voters blamed him for the lights going out.

If that can happen to someone like Davis, then imagine what could happen to Newsom and/or Cuomo.


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  1. Newsom should order his admin to come clean and disclose it all and if he is the one obstructing then he needs to get out of the way or face the music.


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