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This is almost getting creepy. Over the last 3 days, it almost seems like a whole lot of little lights have started going off over the heads on the opposition side. The tables are empty, the caterers have gone home, the glass is empty, there’s no refill, the cat has been let out, and the host is standing at the door in his pajamas, tapping his foot. That kind of feeling.

No matter how lame or insane the shit is that Trump and his idiot White House pull, when they’re called out on it, or the media falls to the floor, clutching their sides with helpless mirth, the GOP caucus rises to the front, to at least try to put some kind of positive and sane spin on the idiocy. That stopped happening in the last few days. And there’s got to be a reason for it.

  • Late last week, in trying to distract attention from worse news, Trump tweeted that the election should be delayed until the coronavirus was under control, to avoid a rigged election due to millions of mail in ballots. McConnell and McCarthy both seemed downtrodden almost to dejection as they came out and each reiterated that the election would be held on schedule, on November 3rd. Nobody came to Trump’s defense.
  • Two days later, the Speaker of the Hong Kong legislature came out and announced that the national legislative elections, scheduled for September, were being delayed one year due to the coronavirus. This was a naked power play, since if the elections had been held as scheduled, the ruling party would have been pitched off of high rises and into the sea. White House Press Idjit Kayleigh Mcenany went behind the podium to excoriate the Hong Kong legislature for successfully pulling what her boss had just failed to pull off. No GOP incumbents went to her aid by making bellicose statements about the death of democracy in Hong Kong.
  • Ohio House Representative and sexual assault enabler Jim Jordan spent all of his time in a committee hearing trying to badger Dr Anthony Fauci into admitting that a bunch of open air protests, with most of the protesters masked, were as dangerous for spreading the coronavirus as closed events. Unspoken but obvious was Jordan’s attempt to equivocate the Black Lives Matter protests to the Tulsa Trump rally that likely killed Herman Cain, along with closed door, non mask fundraisers in world class hot spots Texas and Florida. I’m no politician, but it seems to me like spending all of your time trying to rag out a guy with a 40% believeability advantage over you isn’t a smart career choice. Especially in a state where the virus is on the surge.
  • And the funski valve seems to even been shut off for poor Louie Gohmert. Days after sneeringly appearing at a House committee hearing refusing to wear his mask, including a well documented stroll down a hall with Attorney General William Barr, both sans masks, Gohmert tested positive for the coronavirus. A true Texas cornhole, Gohmert tried to blame contracting the virus on wearing his mask too much. Sadly, nobody in the GOP caucus wants to get close enough to Gohmert to express their well wishes. Where’s the fun in being a dick, if you are the one  who ends up paying the price?
  • It was reported yesterday that a major GOP donor, with inside access to the reelection campaign had complained anonymously to the reporter that right now, the biggest problem in the reelection campaign was the candidate himself! Trump is self immolating. And there is also anonymous reporting from within the campaign that while they don’t want Trump to despair, they are trying to convince him that the polling numbers are real, and that a course correction is desperately needed to avoid electoral disaster. Fortunately for us, they’re dealing with a candidate with the cognitive reasoning powers of a colicky two year old.

But I saved the best, or in this case worst, for last. I have been covering this shit for a long time, especially in the era of Bitch McConnell, when a day seems like 7 dog years. Let’s say there’s some kind of impending crisis, say a government shutdown, or a debt veiling increase looming there’s an almost Kibuki kind of theater about the GOP dance. On Wednesday, McConnell puts forward a totally unqualified bullshit no additional funding,. feeling that they have gone far enough proposal, let’s the Democrats digest it overnight, and then on Thursday, while they’re screaming bloody murder, he adjourns the Senate on Thursday morning, as a pressure point for Democrats, who will be the only ones left around to talk to.

But this time, McConnell didn’t even bother. He didn’t even bother to throw out a totally unacceptable proposal as a pressure point before adjourning. He just threw up his hands, said Fuck it, I need a bourbon, and sent everybody home for the weekend. There  is a good reason for this, since multiple reports show that there is about a 20 member fraction of McConnell’s caucus that want to have no further assistance provided, feeling that they have done enough, and that reopening the states and economy is the answer. To provide additional assistance would mean McConnell passing legislation with majority Democratic support, which is anathema to him.

And now McConnell is getting cut off at the knees by his own boss. Treasury Secretary Steve Munchkin Mnuchin went on the Sunday talk shows today and spent more time highlighting the places that he and Pelosi and Schumer agreed than on the things that divided them. As a sop to his deep pocket donors, McConnell has sworn that any package that came to the Senate without an employer liability waiver was dead on arrival. And yet in the last 36 hours, both Mnuchin as well as Trump have said that the liability waiver is expendable in order to assist everyday Americans.

You tell me, is this what defeatism looks like? Because whatever it is, it sure as hell isn’t what optimism looks like. We are 93 days away from a seminal election, and the Republican party has no clear plan, no clear agenda, and no clear message as to why the voters should choose them on November 3rd. Like a turkey vulture, Trump seems to have finally settled on their shoulders, like  pirates parrot, and all they can do now is to wait for the inevitable conclusion. Don’t touch that dial.

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  1. They turned in their backbone and replaced it with a wide yellow stripe to be worn on the back. Mandatory when you are to meet the orange idiot for your personal ass licking of the boss. Knee pads optional.

  2. These two are a pair of idiots. One has DEMENTIA and the other is to dam old to even think or forgot how to wipe his ass. These two has sunk America in the shit hole of the world. We need to clean slate Senate and the President . It will be great to see films of these two when they lose. Record their statements and show them the American people in a mass celebration of their firing . That’s right FIRED get out find something else to do, ha ! That’s nothing when I. Jail.


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