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T.he Republicans can’t seem to help themselves, they could fuck up a thaw-and-serve cake. Right now the feeding frenzy  is on. El Rushbo needs a vicatin to quiet his nerves, Sean Hannity needed an extra layer of lacquer to hold his hair in place, and the entire right wing blogosphere is breathless about the “Nunez dossier.” We haven;t seen this kind of hand wringing and mouth foaming since it was revealed that Hillary Clinton was peddling kids out of a Virginia pizza parlor. And just about as credible.

This has opened up a whole can of worms that I don’t think the GOP saw coming. Originally, I think that this was supposed to be just another bright, shiny shit ball flung by Trump’s pet howler monkey Devin Nunes. It has done what it was intended to do, whipped the freezer IQ Trump base into a frenzy. But then it went wrong. They were just supposed to scream about the damn dossier, never actually show it to anybody. But then the hashtag war started, fueled by Russian bots, and suddenly it starts to look like the pocket pendejo may have to put it out there. This has already put him in direct conflict with Trump’s own justice department, who sent him a nastygram telling him to quit dicking around with classified information. It’s not surprising that the Orange Julius is siding with Nunes to leak classified information, after all, he was more than happy to rat out a British intelligence source to the two Sergei teletubbies in the Oval Office.

But here’s the problem. Some of the contents are already starting to leak, and it may not ultimately benefit the GOP. Reporting today on MSNBC said that the Nunes dossier found fault with the FBI for not disclosing the fact that Christopher Steele was being paid by a Democratic group when using contents of the dossier sa a basis for the issuance of a secret FISA surveillance warrant on Carter Page. The reasons that this supposition is tripe is the grist for another article to come in the future.

But, here’s my question. Carter fucking Page?!? Fer realz?!? Carter Page has long been shunted into the “peripheral character” folder, and for good reason. It’s hard to not relegate Page to investigative obscurity, what with his “GOH-LEEE!” Gomer Pyle face, and his inability to quit trying to guarantee himself an orange jumpsuit with a number on it. He faded from the scene quicker than a 2nd rate 70’s band’s reunion tour.

So tell me, why all of this fuss over Carter Page? At face value, fighting over the validity of his FISA warrant looks ridiculous. Unless…Did Nunes see something in the files that the FBI showed to Nunes and Adam Schiff that spelled trouble for Trump? Did he blather over the phone about something that could place the Trump campaign in a conspiratorial light? Did he blurt something to the FBI in his interview that spells trouble for the Tiny Thumbs Diktator? There has to be something problematic with Page, something that makes Devin Nunes want to get his statements and phone logs taken off of the table. There would otherwise be no reason to let his name see the light of day, there are plenty of other, higher profile goons out there to try to protect. Besides, the current “deep state” anti FBI campaign was churning along quite nicely without throwing this particular brick in the middle of the pond. Again, why Carter Page?

Y’all can do what you like, you’re all free and 21, but personally, I’m officially going on a Carter Page watch.I don’t think it’s going to take very long for some enterprising reporters to start looking at the court buffoon Carter Page in a new light, and start digging deeper with their sources to try to ascertain why Nunes gave a fat rats ass about his warrant. Don’t touch that dial.

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