Evangelicals, proud boys, three percenters, oath keepers, etc,  are always hating on gay Americans.  They are always hating on the gay, hating on gay sex and wanting to reinstate anti-sodomy laws.

As a collective, they think  sodomy  is bad!  It’s a sin! It’s unnatural!  Can’t do that!  No no no.

But then they (the evangelicals, the proud boys, the three percenters , the oath keepers, the etc.) get angry that nobody wants to sleep with them for the simply stated reason that they are a bunch of ASSHOLES.

This is where they get angry, and when I say they, I’m talking about the evangelicals, the  proud boys, the three percenters, the oath keepers, and the etc.  They call themselves incels.  They claim their celibacy is involuntary, that yes,  they too would really like to get laid.   

I’m tuned into this and thinking dude, you’re an asshole. You yourselves say it’s unnatural to fuck an asshole.  That’s why nobody wants to sleep with you! 

So you have a couple options here. You can stop being an asshole.  That’s one option.  It’s also the option I recommend because it’s all on you.  Nobody else need be involved.  Call it the personal responsibility  solution to the problem.  Or, you can stop opposing sodomy.  You can even go further and create a sodomy mystique.  Ramp up right wing media and have them tell the country all the cool kids are fucking assholes.  From that point on, your odds of getting laid while remaining a steady state asshole dramatically improve. While I argue this isn’t as good of an option as you stopping yourselves from being a 24/7 gaggle  of ridiculous  assholes, the second option will improve your odds of no longer being a virgin and someday having a family.  You made it ok for a bunch whimpering assholes to get the intimacy they so desperately crave 

Did  they listen to me?


They didn’t.

They chose option three: overturn Roe v Wade.  Have Republican legislatures made up of evangelicals, proud boys, three preventers, oath keepers, and etc… have them ban abortion and remove any rape exclusion.

Now, today,  even though nobody wants to sleep with these assholes, these assholes can booze you up, beat you up and force you to have sex with them. , and you have to birth their rape.  Chances are good they will skip the booze you up part if they are low on meth money, so something else to look forward too.

With these new improved Republican family values,  they can cast aside their virginity, get laid and grow their families, while still be an asshole.

That must be what Jesus would do

So praise Jesus 

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