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This is what happens when you govern by the seat of your pants. Donald Drumpf decided to fly into Iraq (a sovereign nation) without bothering to follow the usual diplomatic protocols generally required of such a visit. Apparently Individual-1 is OK with America First, but does not that think that applies to other countries. The Iraqis were not amused.

According to the  Guardian

Iraqi lawmakers have demanded US forces leave the country in the wake of a surprise visit by Donald Trump which politicians denounced as arrogant and a violation of Iraqi sovereignty.

Politicians from both blocs of Iraq’s divided parliament called for a vote to expel US troops and promised to schedule an extraordinary session to debate the matter.

“Parliament must clearly and urgently express its view about the ongoing American violations of Iraqi sovereignty,” said Salam al-Shimiri, a lawmaker loyal to the populist cleric Moqtada al-Sadr. …Shimiri added that Trump’s visit “violated several diplomatic norms”.

And from WaPo

The head of a powerful Iraqi militia that enjoys backing from Iran is threatening to expel U.S. forces from Iraq after an unannounced visit by President Donald Trump to American troops stationed in the country.

Qais Khazali, the head of the Asaib Ahl al-Haq militia, promised on Twitter that Iraq’s parliament would vote to expel U.S. forces from Iraq, or the militia and others would force them out by “other means.”

Trump spent three hours at a U.S. air base in western Iraq with troops. He did not meet with any Iraqi officials.

Again, literally everything this pathetic creature touches turns to ……..

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  1. It just shows what a demented moron of a present we have. He really thinks he can do anything he wants. This this sociopath out of the oval office. We don’t need this idiot that knows nothing about running the government. Republicans I hope you will also pay the price for not doing the right thing. Abolish the Republican Party completely.


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