Quick Thoughts on Links to Trump Property in Iranian Tweets


We have previously discussed the possibility that Iran might not target U.S. citizens, but would consider attacks against Trump properties. The two are not mutually exclusive.

It is tough to predict which scenario would “trigger” Trump’s mind more. A normal person would obviously be more disturbed by danger to American lives. All property can be brought back.

Trump has always tied his entire worth as a person to his properties. It is possible, perhaps probable, that Trump would perceive this as an attack upon him personally, and therefore worse than the loss of someone else’s life. It is one of the scariest aspects of Trump’s personality.

Incidentally, this is just one reason that presidents have always put all assets in a blind trust, to make it harder for any entity or person to directly attack the president’s interest and keep the president from attacking those who do.

Here, not so much, and this ain’t subtle.


Not leaving a lot of ambiguity, and if there was any, it’ll get cleared up by the same official’s own previous statements such as:

In a tweet the following day, Ashena wrote that the Iranian regime has “ZERO problems with the American people.”

“We even achieved deals with previous US administrations,” he added. “Our sole problem is Trump. In the event of war, it is he who will bear full responsibility.”

It is sure uncomfortable hearing a quote from your potential “enemy” that sound more reasonable than those from your current president.

Hard to argue around the fact that it seems we have arrived at that point. Speaking of reasonableness, the inability to predict the reasonableness of a Trump response against his property is what makes this threat so dangerous. On the other hand, just a big time “threat” works – probably – to decrease the use and value of Trump’s properties. They are already hurting Trump financially.

It shouldn’t be this easy, nor this powerful.


Peace, y’all


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I think that if they do threaten his properties on a regular basis it will hit his bottom line and that really bothers him. We all know that this past year his profits are way down. Just having that thought of them thinking about his properties has him shaking in his loafers


It will make him even more crazier, can’t wait for whats next.

David Bishop
David Bishop

You know how america doesn’t hate countries outright but just their leaders? Oh wait, never mind.

Rick Bevilacqua
Rick Bevilacqua

$80 million you say? Is that payable in one lump sum? Iran, if you’re listening, call me!