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As you know, the Trump White House “re-upped” its assertion that the FBI shared in the blame for the Parkland Florida deaths because it investitgated possible collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians. “Russia, if you’re listening …”

Well, since the White House did not walk the statement back today, I find it worthwhile to look at the nation’s response. Sometimes the unity we see in responding to Trump, the collective repulsion, is quite honestly the most “hopeful” aspect of being American in the age of Trump. i realize that is saying something, but it does not make it less true.

Just a sampling of thoughts from people who share our care for others and respect for civic good-will.

I agree, fully, and that’s why we’re going down this list, to get more responses.

Yes, first by turning the facts inside-out so as to suit him, and then dispensing with any sense of shame in being able to think only of himself first. Push the bodies of teens, and their grieving family out of the way and make it about him.

“Breathtaking narcissism” Like you look at the statement the first time and think: “He couldn’t possibly have said that, did he?”


Trump is at war with everyone that poses a threat to his money, period. He would do anything for money. He would give up the presidency for money. Right now, possible criminal charges could come through the FBI, criminal charges could separate him from his money. Therefore Trump is at war with the FBI.

And, to sum up our national condition:

That’s about right, yes.


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