Earlier today Rep Joaquin Castro told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer “after all of this is said and done that some people end up in jail” when asked about the Trump-Russia scandal. Tonight on MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews, Democratic Congressman Denny Heck of Washington, who also sits on the House Intel Committee re-enforced Castro’s sentiments of when asked about the latest developments:

Anybody associated with the Trump orbit that was involved in Russia financial entanglements probably was calling their lawyer today, Chris, that’s what I make of it.

Later in the interview, he added:

There is so much smoke, every smoke alarm in the house is going off. There is so much smoke in here, you can’t see a foot in front of your face.

That’s two House Intel Committee members, who have access to classified materials, suggesting serious outcomes from the Trump-Russia scandal when the smoke clears on the same day.

You can watch the video below. The interview with Heck is at the end of the segment, after the Trump-Russia news updates. Here is the link.

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