He’s a racist conspiracy theorist who blames everyone but himself… And you can listen to his bullshit with your own ears below!


The Maine man accused of taking part in the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol has been indicted on 10 criminal counts.

A grand jury in Washington, D.C., handed down the indictment against Kyle Fitzsimons on Friday. All prosecutions in connection with the Capitol riot are being handed in Washington.

The charges against Fitzsimons include civil disorder, entering a restricted building, obstructing an official proceeding and injuring police officers.

You can read the full Grand Jury Indictment here

Mainer News

Kyle Fitzsimons, the first Maine resident charged with participating in the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, acted upon racist conspiracy theories promoted in recent months and years by state Republicans leaders. Those theories include spurious claims that Donald Trump lost the election due to Chinese interference, as well as the so-called “Great Replacement” or “White Genocide” theory, which asserts that wealthy Jews are bringing Black and Latinx immigrants to America to undermine white workers.  

Fitzsimons, 37, a resident of the southern Maine town of Lebanon who allegedly worked as a butcher at the Hannaford supermarket in York, was arrested yesterday by the FBI and charged with several crimes, including assault on a federal police officer and other violent acts on federal property. FBI agent Benjamin Spinale wrote that Fitzsimons repeatedly charged into a line of police officers protecting an entrance to the Capitol, grabbing and swinging his fists at the cops, who at one point beat him bloody with baton blows to the head.    


In a Facebook post attributed to Fitzsimons, cited by the FBI, he wrote, “we are being slow walked towards Chinese ownership by an establishment that is treasonous and all too willing to gaslight the public into believing the theft [of the election] was somehow the will of the people.” The message, posted in the Facebook group Lebanon Maine Truth Seekers on Christmas Eve, was an effort to organize a “caravan” to Washington, D.C., for the Jan. 6 certification of electoral votes.

A Statement of Facts from the FBI, including photos, can be found here.

News Center Maine

According to a criminal complaint filed by the FBI, Fitzsimons was seen pushing and grabbing police officers who were holding a police line in an arched entranceway on the lower west terrace of the U.S. Capitol Building.

Shown on Capitol surveillance, he can be seen grabbing officers as he entered the archway. The complaint says after being hit by officers’ batons, Fitzsimons got up and moved towards the middle of the archway; he lowered his shoulder and charged at the line of officers. The officer’s helmet in the lower right corner of the footage has MPDC printed on the back, indicating the Officer belongs to the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) of the District of Columbia.

The complaint also says he appears on a bodycam worn by MPD, shown charging at the police line and swinging at officers.

The day after the riots, Fitzsimons called in to the Lebanon Board of Selectman’s meeting to give his side of the story…

At 3:47 “I was there for peace.”

At 6:24 “I couldn’t imagine a more peaceful revolution.”

At 7:34 “I gotta tell ya it was definitely a God fearing crowd.”

Kyle also told his ‘tale of woe’ to his local paper days later…

The Rochester Voice

WEST LEBANON, Maine – Kyle Fitzsimons of West Lebanon said he traveled to the “Stop the Steal” protest in Washington on Wednesday, because if the Republic were going to die that day, “I wanted to be there to witness it.”

In fact, it was Fitzsimons who almost died when a police officer clubbed him over the head with a baton after a scrum of young men behind him pushed him unwillingly forward into a police line that had formed just outside the west front of the Capitol.


I was pressed into the front two times … the only way out was to get hit by police or pepper sprayed. Police in riot gear clubbed me. Then I was pulled out by people on the side.”

If you have information about this or any other deplorable who carried out violent illegal acts at the Capitol Insurrection on January 6th, call 1-800-CALL-FBI (1-‪800-225-5324) or leave a tip online. You may also submit relevant photos and videos to the FBI here.

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