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A press conference without questions is just a speech and yesterday’s media spectacle was designed to divert attention. The Bill Shiney objects this time were tonsorial, and the authorship of 45*’s Instagram now glaringly obvious since Trump doesn’t know how to use it.

The reasons for such distractions are also now becoming obvious:

Fortunately, Congress being sworn in was more compelling than Trump repeating the same talking points using Border Patrol officials as props. Stunt-POTUS*’s press conference at his Wednesday “cabinet meeting” at least allowed questions. But the Cabinet has most of its hair.

Much hay was made of the fact that the four men behind Trump were all bald. Ever-creative online jokesters compared the border security experts, nicknamed the “Balder Patrol” by one observer, to a dizzying array of objects and people, real and fictional, including Lord Varys from Game of Thrones, the Blue Man Group, “bald Harry Potter,” a collection of billiards balls, Coneheads, and a Patrick Stewart cosplay convention.


As when Trump held a press conference on the day after the midterm elections, there were theories that Trump wanted to steal the spotlight of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who was sworn in earlier in the day.

“Donald Trump couldn’t stand it that Nancy Pelosi was the center of attention today, so he had to butt in at 4:30 in the afternoon,” said Bill Kristol. “It’s pretty disgraceful.”

Sad attention seeking is a terrible thing, and worse by MSM enabling such behavior. The rest today was twitter-trollery and bots.

MSNBC morning show host Joe Scarborough believes Donald Trump’s odd 90-minute press conference Wednesday is evidence enough for the government to invoke the 25th amendment and remove the president from office.

On Thursday’s “Morning Joe,” Scarborough questioned Trump’s fitness to be president, pointing to the Wednesday press conference and a Tuesday Washington Post op-ed written by newly seated Utah Sen. Mitt Romney, in which Romney criticizes Trump’s character.

If the Cabinet or Congress were acting appropriately, Scarborough said, they already would have taken steps to remove the president. “If any of the [previous] 44 presidents had behaved that way, then those questions would have been raised,” Scarborough said.


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  1. Our narcissistic moron of a president thinks he always has to the center of attention. He is a disgusting low life of a human being.

  2. But all those supporting actors with shiny pates sure make tRump’s hair look big!
    As Dr. Sigmund Freud once said, “The guy with the smallest dick always wears the biggest pompadour!”, or something like that.


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