Individual-1 now has played 180 days of golf

The Young Turks / YouTube White House Golfing Makes Trump More...
The Young Turks / YouTube

He likely got a round in before a Masters tournament TV watch party at his golf course in VA. Nearly half a year of two-plus years in office spent playing golf.

Date: April 13, 2019 at 10:17:49 AM EDT
Subject: In town pool 2: arrival at golf club

Pool arrived at the Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, VA at 10:12 am after an uneventful ride.

We’re in month two of the national emergency.

Whatever Trump Is Playing, It Isn’t Golf

The sport means a lot to Trump—which hasn’t stopped him from cheating outrageously at it.

He does all of this because he has to win. A loss is to Donald Trump what a shower is to the Wicked Witch of the West. He has to win no matter how much cheating, lying, and pencil erasing it takes. He has to win whether you’ve caught him or not. Maybe it was his father beating into his kid brain, Win, win, win. Be a winner, over and over. Maybe it was where he learned the game—Cobbs Creek, a scruffy public course in Philadelphia full of hustlers and con men who taught him to cheat your opponent before he cheats you.

And it’s not just the cheating. It’s the way he plays the game—with all the golf etiquette of an elephant on Red Bull. Trump promised to Make America Great Again. He’s definitely Made Golf Gross Again.

He drives his golf cart on greens. He drives it on tee boxes. He never, ever walks, even on the courses he owns that have banned carts (Trump Turnberry.)


While writing my new book about Trump’s cheating, I left calls, emails and even FedEx letters for him and his people and got no replies. Meanwhile, he’s still telling America he’s this champion golfer, and he isn’t. How do I know? Whenever he’s played in front of cameras (Pebble Beach Pro-Am, Tahoe Celebrity), he’s not once made a cut or finished in the top half among the celebs.

I’m just a sportswriter. I’m not an expert on politics, immigration, or the Mueller report. But I can tell you one thing. When it comes to golf fraud, President Trump is not exonerated.…

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