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Even without obstruction of justice, the money laundering, and the self-dealing that seems to be evident in so many places, the fall of the house of Trump could come down to violations of the FCPA.

Adam Davidson’s story may yet come back to haunt Individual-1 on violations of the The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, because like the joke about sharks and lawyers, Trump ignoring signs of corruption was a professional courtesy.

(2017) Trump, at the time, was obligated to do due diligence to ensure that the Mammadov company was not corrupt.  Trump either did not do the due diligence or ignored the results.  The circumstances of the contracts, alone, should have given rise to suspicion.  As Davidson writes, “given the Trump Organization’s track record, it seems reasonable to ask whether one of the things it was selling to foreign partners was a willingness to ignore signs of corruption.”  In his summary, Davidson notes: “The best way to determine if a crime was committed in the Baku deal would be a federal investigation, which could use the power of subpoena and international legal tools to obtain access to the contracts, the due diligence, internal e-mails and financial documents.  The Department of Justice routinely sends investigators to other countries to pursue possible F.C.P.A. and sanctions violations.”…

(2018) Trump has repeatedly denied having any business deals inside Russia, but money from the former Soviet Union was used to finance some of his branded properties, including the Trump Soho in New York and the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Toronto. (Both properties have since changed their names.)

In addition, the Trump Organization has marketed and sold numerous properties to wealthy people from the former Soviet Union.…

NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 21: A view of the Trump SoHo hotel condominium building, February 21, 2017 in New York City. The development of Trump SoHo, completed in 2010, was constructed in partnership with the Bayrock Group, headed by former Soviet official Tevfik Arif. Felix Sater, a Russian-American businessman, also worked for Bayrock Group during the development of Trump SoHo. Despite repeated claims that he is not involved in any business deals with Russia, President Trump's ties to the country continue to be scrutinized. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)
Sater’s former company, international real estate and investment firm Bayrock Group, partnered with Trump to build the troubled Trump SoHo tower in New York City.…

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  1. Its all well and good to write all these things. There has been enough factual information to impeach Trump. Its obvious that nobody has the balls to get rid of this bum. Who is happily putting his criminal cronies in positions of power. Shame America Shame

    • Most probably yes you’re right, and the majority of Americans want this idiot gone sooner rather than later, but he still has too much support from the GOP for it to go anywhere, and it would be detrimental to start that just yet, better to let THEM keep screwing themselves more and more as they have been doing from day 1, and you will see more of his support/base erode to the point they will almost have to throw his sorry ass screaming and whining out of the WH. IMO


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