Individual-1 blames Kentucky Derby decision on ‘political correctness’

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Second Rate Pianist / YouTube

As if there weren’t other things to do on golf day 187 in the third month of the National Emergency. Trump decided his thoughts on the winner of the Kentucky Derby horse race were important.

For the first time in the history of the legendary horse race, the horse that crossed the finish line first was disqualified for interference and stripped of its win.

The first-place finisher, Maximum Security, was disqualified because he jumped a puddle on the very wet track and slid to the outside, preventing his rival, War of Will, from moving forward and forcing its rider, Tyler Gaffalione, to squeeze his knees just to stay on his horse.

At the Kentucky Derby on Saturday, racing stewards watched a video for more than 20 minutes before issuing their ruling: Down came Maximum Security and up went Country House, a 65-1 improbable victor.…


During a visit to NATO headquarters, President Trump appeared to shove the Montenegrin Prime Minister Dusko Markovic.…

Trump is having a dumb laugh here, in that barking-seal way of his, and he’s wrong on the merits besides. But as ever his instinct is unerring for harnessing the inchoate discontents of millions of Americans to the structures of reactionary thought. Replay is a scourge; it’s reduced sports to the captious overprecision of law school and certain bar trivia nights. Witness the NBA playoffs, which have become an exercise in post hoc pettifogging by teams and media and even some wayward fans. And the crowd goes ahemIt is incumbent upon replay haters of the left not to let the president seize the beachhead here. Progressives must make the issue theirs. It’s about consumer rights, about the freedom enjoyed by league monopolies to degrade their product unto hideousness. It’s about worker rights, about the ever-fattening layer of middle-management anal retentives, hired to judge the labors of talented individuals. Alert Liz Warren’s policy shop. Get Beto on a table outside the Toyota Center. Put a microphone in the infield of Churchill Downs and see if Mayor Pete wanders over. Don’t let Trump have this one.

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