Indianapolis voters arrived to find one volunteer and unplugged voting machines

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There are going to be reports all day of various voting issues. Some will be more egregious than others, some will be more insidious. ProPublica reports that Indianapolis voters lined up this morning, only to find themselves overwhelming the understaffed single volunteer.

In Indianapolis, voters at West Lake Elementary school arrived to find the machines — in this case, optical scanners — unplugged and only one volunteer manning the polling place. When contacted by ProPublica, elections officials in Marion County said they were unaware of the issue, but they dispatched a mechanic to the site to get the machines up and running after our call.

According to ProPublica, the volunteer felt overwhelmed upon seeing the big line outside and just forgot to plug in the machines. The people trying to vote used paper ballots, before the machines were turned back on. This is one of the many problems with how little resources our country spends on the actual logistics of our democratic processes.

If you see or have problems at your voting place, call 866-our-vote to report it.

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