Independence Day: Justin Amash, Freedom Caucus founder, leaves the GOP

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Representative Justin Amash, independent of Michigan’s 3rd district, has left the Republican party.

Amash made a name for himself as an extreme conservative, advocating for libertarian policies and congressional supremacy under the Constitution.  Though the furthest thing from a Democrat, his conservative views on the rule of law often placed him at odds with President Trump, ultimately resulting in his expulsion and condemnation from the caucus he helped found.

With an account of his family history and a warning for the country, Amash made public today his departure from the GOP.  In his open letter, penned in the Washington Post here, he warns pointedly of the growing foreign influence on American elections and willful violation of the law by the executive branch.  More generally, he warns of the dangers of top-down politics that have plagued congress under both parties since the speakership of Dennis Hastert and the growing influence of money in politics as a direct result of these whipping tactics.

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