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If you think you’ve already seen and heard it all from this administration, get ready for another plunge on the roller coaster. Donald Trump actually needed a cheat sheet containing appropriate responses during the White House listening session Wednesday for survivors of the Douglas High and other mass shootings.

Here are some reactions to the news that we have a sitting president who is so pathetic an excuse for a  human being that he needs to read appropriate responses to human agony off of a piece of paper, because apparently he doesn’t have it within himself to respond accordingly.

So there you have it, now Trump’s handlers are driven to play by play coaching on how to simulate human emotion, presumably in the hope that over time he might be able to imitate leadership abilities of some sort.  Every time you think Trump has hit bottom he fools you and goes even lower still. Right now the bar for his behavior is set just above the molten core of the earth.

Here’s a last tweet on the rest of Trump’s notes.

Very apropos.

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