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An obviously over-worked producer didn’t check with sufficient care, the bios of the guests scheduled for a panel and, well, she let a person who lives in the real world participate in a discussion on immigration. That’s never going to end well over at the “We Script, You Decide.”

It just happens to be a fact, which means it is “true,” that immigration into the United States, that arrests of people attempting to enter the U.S. illegally are at a 46 year low. It is not for lack of effort, or more efficient illegal crossings, it’s because overall attempts to enter the United States illegally are down, way down.

Jesse Watters afternoon show didn’t well-tolerate such ridiculously off-narrative facts, as delivered by Cathy Areu of Catalina Magazine. Areu misinterpreted her role and explained the following, according to Rawstory:

“The economy in Mexico is better than ever,” Areu said. “The economy here is not better than it’s been—it’s been a worse problem in the past, this is not the worst it’s been.”

One guest simply screeched “modern day slavery” into the air, knowing the proper etiquette for such discussions. No one seems to know (or care) what he meant by the wail.

And Watters, he got his own show through his ability to deal with the ridiculous [entirely true, but completely irrelevant and counter to message needed] statements. He simply disagreed with the facts, or what they mean. I can’t tell.

“I don’t think that’s a good argument, that it’s not the worst that it’s been,” he said. “Don’t you think the rest of our country should be as secure as our airports?”

I do!

You  should not be allowed to sit next to my child with your nine millimeter, unless you have undergone the training and background required to serve in law-enforcement, and are currently performing your role as a sworn law enforcement officer.

I doubt that is what he meant.

But, I have to come up with something because I don’t really know what he means. One of the largest groups (if not THE largest) of illegal aliens presently within the country are those who came across the border – even at 30,000 feet – entered legally through a Visa, and then just decided to stay, thus becoming “illegal.” So, putting security and metal detectors every 10 feet along the border, or a wall with those “line-ribbons” guiding you to the next immigration officer doesn’t seem to be all that much help, especially on a cost per arrest basis.

The number that is up? Arrests of immigrants well within the border, families on their way to soccer practice, ones that have been here eleven years, that type of arrest, the ones that wrench the heart and separate parents from Dreamers is up 25%.

Watch for yourself:



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