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We are obliged at this point to have at least one story every Sunday summarizing Donald Trump’s weekend tweeting. Again: This is a ridiculous and asinine duty, on our part, and one we shouldn’t have to undertake, but it is rendered necessary because each and every weekend, Trump’s staff of babysitters and hand-holders goes away—or more commonly, Trump himself goes away, to one of his privately owned clubs, without inviting any of those unpleasant people—and all hell breaks loose in his Twitter account as this small-minded, clearly unfit, possibly-in-the-throes-of-early-dementia wreck of a half-man fumes and sputters about the things he sees on television.

Because his ex-national security adviser, Michael Flynn, is now reported to be cooperating with the special counsel’s Russian espionage investigation and has pled guilty to lying to the FBI, Trump’s tweets this weekend are centered around delegitimizing not Flynn, but the FBI and the special counsel’s investigation itself. Because he is an idiot with no capability for absorbing any more nuanced information that what he sees on his television between commercial breaks, his defense is mostly built on what he has been seeing on the execrably dishonest morning gabfest Fox & Friends.

The meat of this story is the discovery some individual FBI agents for some reason have never thought highly of His Royal Highness Stumpy Von Garbage Fire and, clearly, anyone who does not personally vow loyalty to this ambling, golf-cheating-at penis in a toupee is not fit for government work, much less the urgent task of investigating his enemies. But we already knew both Fox News and Stumpy here believe that, because they tell us on a near daily-basis.

He took a brief break to complain that a news report directly implicating Trump himself in Flynn’s communications with Russian operatives, rather than [insert any of a half-dozen key campaign officials and/or Trump family members here] had caused the stock market to be Sad, and perhaps that media outlet should be held directly accountable for that.

The ABC report was walked back and Ross is apparently being severely (and very conspicuously) punished for the error, which is, in news-land, unheard of. Absolutely unheard of. What happened after news organizations published stories about Hillary Clinton that later turned out to be erroneous is left as an exercise to the reader; feel free to use terms such as bupkis and jack-diddly-squat. What consequences Donald Trump should face for spreading overtly false and crooked “news” in his own blustering proclamations is, apparently, left an exercise to nobody. There’s apparently no consequences at all. And we won’t even bother mentioning the toadstools on Fox & Friends.

He is unfit, by the way. For office. Any office.

Trump also fumed over the exoneration of an undocumented immigrant in San Francisco, a man declared not guilty after a jury determined that the case against him, a case publicized extensively by Fox News, by racist and white supremacist groups, and by Republican leaders—but I repeat myself—was in fact an invented falsehood. It is not often that a sitting “president” weighs in to personally declare that a particular accused individual is guilty no matter what our entire system of justice has to say about it, but it is also unusual for a president to learn everything he knows about our justice system from Judge So-And-So’s Screaming Invective Hour, or whatever program he was watching at the time.

Because you and I both know he hasn’t spent even ten minutes bothering with the details of the case. Only what he saw on his television set.

As an aside, and just throwing this out there: Donald Trump is unfit for office. He lacks the mental capability to do the basic requirements of the job. That is what is called “unfit.” We could likely save a great deal of money doing away with our court systems, our intelligence services, our justice department and the rest of it and just determine who did what based on a set of particularly asinine punditry programs, as Trump seems to prefer, but there is probably a downside to that. We should ask Donald Trump what that downside is, if only because his response would be a cheap laugh for the rest of us.

The majority of the weekend’s many, many tweets this weekend, however, all revolved around his furious attempt to delegitimize the FBI and the special counsel’s probe into Russia collaboration. This is absolutely and unequivocally due to the news that Michael Flynn is now cooperating with that probe, and due to the White House knowledge that Michael Flynn has the keys to all the locked cubbies of the Trump campaign’s secret rooms.

We do not know why Donald Trump was so insistent that FBI Director Comey shutter his investigation into Flynn’s actions, even as Trump continues to not give a flying damn about anyone else in Trump’s orbit. We can guess, though.

We do not know why Donald Trump is so publicly enraged by the news that Michael Flynn has cut a sweetheart deal with prosecutors that will save Flynn from precisely the sort of harsh penalties for his actions that Donald Trump was, in his meeting with James Comey, so concerned Flynn might receive.

We can guess, though.

As an aside, just one more time for the history books: He is transparently unfit for office. Yes, future historians, we all knew this. The press knows it. The pundits, left and right, know it. Republican leadership has a front-row seat, and are fully aware of it. The evidence that he has been committing crimes in office is already well known. He is charging the Secret Service steep fees every weekend for “protecting” him at his own private clubs. His own staff struggles to keep his attention on issues; he demonstrably has no capacity whatsoever to identify or repeat any details whatsoever of the legislation his staff or party asks him to champion. We all know he’s unfit. It’s obvious.

We don’t know what will happen next. It would require some lower bound of behavior to be agreed to, on the part of the Republican Party; some decision as to just what sort of bungle, or crime, would finally be the unforgivable one. The party is currently declaring that whether or not an identified child molester will soon join their ranks is entirely up to their party’s voters, however, so there is no evidence, yet, that such a lower bound will ever be seen.

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