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The Ring of Fire / YouTube

Aldous J Pennyfarthing / Daily Kos (01/08/2021)
Vanity Fair
’s Emily Jane Fox has a dispatch from Jared and Ivanka’s World. (It’s the same world as yours, but without all that accountability and ability to feel shame and such.)

The gist? The couple has about as much chance of reentering elite Manhattan social circles as this guy has of getting a dinner party invitation from Nancy Pelosi  …


Vanity Fair:

Ivanka tweeted about the events later on Wednesday, referring to the members of that violent mob as “American patriots.” (She later deleted the tweet and simply asked people to stop the violence.) Kushner, customarily, said nothing in public. … If there was any outrage coming from the couple, it was invisible. More likely, people who know them told me, there was none. As one of their former friends put it to me, “People who have remained friends with Jared and Ivanka were looking for proof that they weren’t complicit but couldn’t find any.”

Oh, they were complicit. The fact that they didn’t stuff Donald Trump in a flour sack with a litter of suckling hyenas the second he started talking about running for president is evidence enough, and everything that’s happened since has tarnished their reputations—such as they were—for all eternity. The fact that they look like two discarded sex dolls who found each other in a Hamptons landfill probably doesn’t help either.
There aren’t many friends left, but as of this week, there were plenty of people who would either tolerate Javanka or at least bite their tongues: people who had known them for years, people who’d hold their noses to do business with them, people who didn’t much care for their administration but certainly didn’t mind the lower tax rates, the deregulation, the proximity to power. As such, they kept their disdain quiet, at least beyond their immediate social circles.

That changed on Wednesday. Karlie Kloss, who is married to Kushner’s brother, for instance, hadn’t said much publicly about her in-laws or her conversations with them. … On Wednesday, Kloss tweeted that refusing to accept the election results and inciting violence was “anti-American.” When a Twitter user replied asking her to say so to her brother- and sister-in-law, she responded, “I’ve tried.”

You mean inciting a mob that probably would have torn Mike Pence’s limbs off had it had the chance suddenly makes you a pariah? Damn you, cancel culture!

Other longtime friends told me on Thursday that many people who hadn’t wanted to get political were looking to get their feet wet. “It feels like everyone on the Upper East Side is texting me today. Suddenly they all want to join the Resistance,” the former friend said.
Really? Now? Now you want to help? Sure, grab a corner of the sofa now that we’ve wrestled it out of the back of the van and lugged it up the stairs.
Oh, and that political career that Ivanka was rumored to be considering? Well, she’s got a great future designing handbags ahead of her. Handbags that no one will buy—because woolly insurrectionists tend not to browse Barneys looking for sequined clutches to match their white power tattoos.

His daughter and son-in-law lost their power along with him. It didn’t help that they looked craven while everything burned, people around them noted. Ivanka had seemingly been trying to launch her political career, campaigning in Georgia and posting old photos of herself handing out vegetables in Florida, they said. “The finance world knew Jared was in the Middle East when all of this was happening, too, so their self-serving was laid bare,” one person told me. “The narrative going around is that Jared & co. plan to buy up all the distressed assets created by the pandemic he created, like a fucking oligarch.”

Of course he’s going to do that. Maybe he can hand out some smallpox blankets to the tenants in his rent-controlled apartments while he’s at it. After all, he learned from the best.

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    • If I were them I would be heading to a country that has no extradition with the US, Trump cant pardon state charges and they will be coming.

  1. Ivanka is the worst of the lot. Don Jr. and Eric are idiots, but Ivanka is a cunning Trunt. She has committed fraud on several occasions, helping her father sell overpriced condos, but managed to get out of prosecution through some well-placed campaign contributions from daddy to Cyrus Vance. Which doesn’t bode well for any of the on-going SDNY investigations.


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