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While millions protested Trump/GOP racism around the world in the Women’s March, police jumped on a Greyhound bus in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and demanded to see papers and identification proving of citizenship from every passenger on board.

Below is a Facebook Status followed by a video (at the bottom of this page) posted by Tomas Kennedy exposing a scene similar to what some would expect from the Nazis searching for Jews in WWII Germany.


Also posted on his Facebook Page is a list of Tomas Kennedy’s extensive experience on issues of government, law, community and immigratio

In an earlier article, the Sun Sentential reported:

The Pew Research Center estimated that in 2014, 11.1 million undocumented immigrants lived in the U.S., with 850,000 of them in Florida. And under Trump’s orders, ICE agents have more discretion in arresting them.

Kelsey Burke, a personal injury attorney in West Palm Beach, said that could leave room for people to be discriminated against and get taken advantage of. Burke said she has seen hesitation from clients when filing claims for domestic abuse. They fear if they go into a courthouse for any reason, ICE agents will arrest them.

In essence, an undocumented immigrant who has lived here most of his/her life, pays taxes and contributes to the community—can be arrested while reporting hate crimes, domestic violence, rape and/or for simply riding the bus to work.

Below is the video showing what the new Trump/Republican America looks like. Thank you to Tomas Kennedy and all those who continue to capture and document acts of the morally diseased country we have become. This form of terror by a malicious, perilous and deranged thug who illegitimately took hold of the Oval Office is continuously enabled by a self-serving, complicit and corrupt Republican Party. No longer will I condemn Trump without including and condemning the unconscionable GOP who are as much to blame as Trump—for the destruction of this nation.  

Here is the video showing police intimidate and, for undocumented immigrants, terrorize passengers on a Greyhound bus Saturday afternoon.

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