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Most of us were happy when Sen. John McCain helped vote something resembling a conscience during the first Republican Congress attempt at a full Obamacare repeal. But most of us also knew that Sen. John McCain was nothing if not full of shit—which is why none of us were surprised when only a couple of months later, Sen. John McCain revealed his lack of conviction by voting for the equally egregiously legislated billionaire tax cuts. A little while ago, McCain tweeted this out.

This would mean he was at 2,999,926 followers. At the writing of this diary, McCain’s follow numbers were at 2,988,414. That means he has lost 11,512 followers. But as Gizmodo points out, McCain’s number are being boosted from bots, and the actual drop is likely even more.

In order to see the exact number of followers McCain has, you’ll have to hover over his “followers” tab on the site. At the moment, the number continues to drop, but some people on Twitter have pointed out that he’s getting a lot of rapid love from bots at the same time. It’s unclear when exactly the bots started following McCain, but it wouldn’t be anything new. President Trump is fond of bragging about the size of his social media following, but at least one study has found that nearly half of his followers are bots. Throw in the fact that many of Trump’s followers don’t support him, they just know that following him is the only way to see his “official statements,” and it’s clear that social media isn’t a great barometer for gauging popularity.

You failed, Senator.

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