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Donald Trump held a campaign rally—that’s right, a campaign rally—in Phoenix, Arizona tonight. Because it came directly on the heels of Trump being grumpily contained to a teleprompter for yesterday’s “Afghanistan plan” speech, it was almost inevitable that he’d compensate by going off the rails.

But an unapologetically fascist hate campaign against our nation’s free press? That was not expected. But what is what Trump delivered, calling out CNN, ABC, and George Stephanopoulos, among others by name while condemning the media gathered to cover him as responsible for the nation’s woes.

He repeatedly insisted to the crowd that the television cameras were being turned off as he spoke, despite that being demonstrably untrue. It was, as extended, furious rant, insane.

Oh, that is so funny. Look back there. The red lights. They are turning those live red lights off fast, they are turning those lights off fast. Pres. Trump: Like CNN. CNN does not want their bowling viewership’s to see what I’m saying tonight, I can tell you that. I mean, the advantage I have — the advantage I have — is that we do have a big boys. A big boys. Twitter and social media, if I did not have social media would not be able to get the word out. I promise I probably would not be standing here right now, right? […]

He led his rally into extended shouts against the press outlets gathered to report on his speech. Repeatedly.

These are sick people. You know that the I do not understand? You would think — you would think they would want to make our country great again. In, I honest honestly do not believe they did. I believe they don’t. If you want to discover the story of the division in our country, look no further than the fake news and the crooked media.

[…] Those cameras are going off, oh well. Why don’t you just pulled them up and take them home? Oh, those cameras are going off. Well. While — that is one thing, they are very nervous to have this on live television because this cannot happen. […]

Not only does the media give it a platform to hate groups, but the media turns a blind eye to the gang violence on our streets, the failures of our public schools, the destruction of our wealth and at the hands of the terrible, terrible trade deals made by politicians that should’ve never been allowed to be politicians.

He is either demonstrably mentally ill, or he is worse. Dear God, Republican Party … how long are you going to let this madness go on.

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