In one of his dumbest tweets yet, Trump again shows he knows zero about the economy

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How did this wee-brained little man ever graduate from high school, much less Wharton?Betraying his profound ignorance of how the global economy works, Trump tweeted this bland bit of folderol today:

Got that? And he used a lot of Capital letters so he Really F*#king Means It!

Except we’re not in a ground war with China and Germany. We’re all basically rowing in the same direction — and we sink or float together.

When was the last time one of the world’s economic powerhouses went into a deep recession while everyone else prospered and went on with their lives as if nothing had happened? For f*#k’s sake, our pr*sident is running the country as if it’s a game of Monopoly. Unfortunately, in real life, you don’t get wealthier by crushing everyone else on the board.

Seriously, watching Trump president is a little like living with a monkey who’s just intelligent enough to use the microwave but not quite smart enough to realize that you shouldn’t microwave forks in it.

Someone taught him the word “tariff” once and vaguely described what it meant, and he never moved beyond that. It smacked of righteous vengeance against his enemies, and that was plenty good enough for him.

And, oh, there were responses:

Yeah, that last one just about sums it up. Thanks, Trent. At least someone on Twitter is still sane.


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Yeah right, I dont have plenty of cash its why the bankers are going to be taking the losses in the end,


Trump is full of 🐃💩. He doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground.


He wouldn’t know if a bus ran up his arse till the passengers jumped out.
Then he’d likely ask to show their tickets..