In Honor of Pride Month, Kirsten Gillibrand Announces Sweeping LGBTQ Agenda.


In honor of Pride month and the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, presidential hopeful Kirsten Gillibrand has released her policies and new proposals for LGBTQ+ Americans. The agenda proposes long overdue protections and recognitions for the LGBTQ+ community, from healthcare and identification on government documents to properly tracking hate crimes and protecting LGBTQ+ youth from homelessness.
“LGBTQ Americans deserve a president who will always stand with them and protect their civil rights — without hesitation. Unfortunately, what they have right now is a bigoted, cowardly bully who makes the LGBTQ community more vulnerable,” Gillibrand said in an official statement.
Gillibrand’s proposals are extensive and her focus on representation and agency is diligent. They can be broken down into four main categories: equal rights, families and children, healthcare, and safety. Some of the highlights include supporting the Equality Act, banning conversion therapy nationwide, and eradicating loopholes for discrimination based on identity and orientation. The length of the list of proposed changes serves as a reminder of how much is left to do in order to ensure that LGBTQ+ people possess all the same rights as anyone else.
You can read about the specific proposals at the linked article.
Though I am sure all our candidates will be friendly to the LGBTQ community, Senator Gillibrand’s proposals are, I think, the most detailed to date.
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