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Bill Maher began his show last week,  “I don’t need to know why Trump fired James Comey, I need to know why everybody else in that administration still has a job,” then introduced his new segment, “Checking On Jared,” which is more ridiculous than you might suppose. It starts out with a tuxeoded Trump saying to his son in law, “If you can’t produce peace in the Middle East, nobody can.” Well, I guess that takes care of that.

“Who better to acquire the trust of the Palestinians than an orthodox Jew who specializes in aggressively acquiring real estate?” is one of Maher’s better lines.

Maher goes through an interminable list of tasks with which Jared’s portfolio was jammed by Trump, everything from solving the opoid crisis to rebuilding sewers and improving diplomatic relations with not only the aforementioned Middle East, but also Mexico, China and Canada.

At the mention of Canada a bell rings and Maher says, “Well, wait a minute, Ivanka did eye f*ck the Prime Minister.”

No more spoilers. The piece is six minutes long. The commentary would be cutting if it wasn’t so accurate.

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