A day after President Donald Trump went to Sanford, Florida, on the anniversary of Treyvon Martin’s murder, to host yet another super spreader event, Joe Biden showed up to set the record straight. And Biden was a man on a mission.

Biden showed up to day to make his pitch, and in almost elegant poignant style, Biden pulled out his best secret weapon. He just used Trump’s own words against him. A new poll shows Biden up over Trump in the critical swing state of Florida 51-47, once again over the magic number. And Biden was there to close the deal.

Trump’s rally 24 hours earlier was a typical display of Trump excess, as well as a total flaunting of all common sense, as well as CDC guidelines. While the rally was held outdoors, at an airplane hanger, and temperatures of all attendees was checked, Masks were offered but not required, as was hand sanitizer. The crowd was packed hip to hip, while Trump was on a stage at a safe distance, although that didn’t save him from contracting the virus himself.

Biden’s two events, one indoors and one outdoors, were much more sparsely attended. Mask wear was required, and social distancing guidelines form the CDC were strictly in place, as well as local ordinances. But the crowd size didn’t really matter. Because Biden already knew that his words would go across television sets all over the state of Florida repeatedly, on the nightly news, and that was what really mattered.

One of the major reasons for Trump’s problems in Florida is the collapse in his support from senior voters, the most dependable voting bloc in any state. And Biden honed in directly on them in his comments. And he used Trump’s own words, widely broadcast and publicized, against him. To paraphrase here..

What did Trump say? His own incompetence led he himself to contract the coronavirus. And while he had it, he had the best medical care available, with treatments not available to most Americans, And when he came out the other side, what did he say? He said that, “The coronavirus is mostly gone. It hardly touches anybody anymore. It only touches people over the age of 65, with things like heart conditions.”

This is what your President thinks of you. You’re nobody. You’re not enough of the segment of the population to worry about. and that sound familiar to you? It sounds familiar to me. It sounds, like my family, and your President is ready to give up on us.

This is especially devastating on the day when the Washington Post reported, according to anonymous inside administration sources, that the official administration to the coronavirus is one of herd immunity. Basically, it means taking modest measures to protect seniors, and other high risk groups, while letting the virus run free among the population until enough of them catch, and recover the disease, and form enough personal immunity to snuff the virus out from a lack of new victims. Most conservative analyses of this strategy point to upward of 2.5 million dead by the time the virus burns out. Even the thought made the head of the World Health Organization to call a press conference to point out the almost insane dangers of pursuing such a strategy.

But then Joe Biden did what he always does when he’s at his best, and in his second speech, he personalized it. Paraphrasing again, Biden spoke to seniors in the most personal terms, at the most fundamental level

When is the last time in the last 7 months that you touched your grandchild? When is the last time you hugged them, I have two grandchildren that don’t live all that far from me, only a handful of miles. And yet, every tine I drive over to see them, I see them from the porch, while they stand in the driveway, or out in the yard. I’m scared to hold them, not only for the fear of contracting the virus, but for fear that they could contract the virus from me! Is this any way to live?

Biden has found the soft underbelly for the most consistent voting block in the country. I have a grandson, one that I haven’t seen in more than 10 years, and due to distance I may never see again, especially with this goddamn pandemic raging. And even at the tender age of 63, with my preexisting conditions of high blood pressure and lung damage from decades of smoking, I am terrified of the thought of never holding my grandson again. Biden has found the window to the seniors soul, and I am so glad that he is exploiting it.

Trump’s extreme narcissism, as well as his self contained bubble of self enrichment were always going to bring about his downfall. But his complete ignorance of the damage that the coronavirus has done to families across this country has only accelerated that process. As long as Biden continues to push this narrative everywhere he goes, especially Arizona, with it’s abundance of Seniors, Trump is dead in the water. 21 days left. GOTV!

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