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  Good move and good news.

  This story out today is by Victoria Guida | 11/24/2017 | 4:45 PM EST


 Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Richard Cordray on Friday appointed the agency’s chief of staff, Leandra English, as the CFPB’s deputy director, establishing her as his successor when he steps down at the end of the day.

 The move appears designed to thwart any move by President Donald Trump to name another temporary official to head the controversial agency. Trump has been reported to be considering White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney for the role

It’s the law:

  The 2010 Dodd-Frank Act, which created the CFPB, explicitly says the consumer bureau’s deputy director shall “serve as acting Director in the absence or unavailability of the Director.”

  Trump will likely now have to nominate someone who must be confirmed by the Senate before he can oust English.

 — Kudos Richard Cordray & Leandra English

“Leandra is a seasoned professional who has spent her career of public service focused on promoting smooth and efficient operations,”

Cordray said in his statement.

“As deputy director, we will continue to benefit from Leandra’s in-depth knowledge of the operational needs of this agency and its staff.”

Remember Senate Dems: block everything the GOP/Trump and his corrupt regime have on their anti-American (persons) agenda for as long as possible

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