In Bhutan, On Returning Home, 5 Buddhist Monks Encounter A Stream That They Attempt to Jump Over.

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Depending on the country and on the sect, devout Buddhist monks have different guidelines when it comes to material objects.

In Mongolia, I have witnessed many monks drive high-end Lexus’s.

In other countries, some get married and have children, whilst some abstain from all so-called modern conveniences.

In Japan, Zen monks tend to be….stoic.

Many from Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan laugh.

In my experience, they laugh a lot.

And exude joy.

For many in Bhutan, where these gentlemen live, it’s temporary and after their schooling they become monks for a few years.

Some remain for life, whilst most continue on with business and family.

And many have cell phones.  (Notice the old school boom-box).

It’s all about the practice of not getting attached to material things and becoming obsessed with it.

This group were returning to their Abbey after a hard rain, and discovered the small stream of a few days before was now a large stream.

There was another easy way around….but they all decided that this was the way they were going to get over it.

Unadulterated Joy!

Now, this is life baby!

Made me happy to see them happy.

”Often in life, we will fail. And when we do, we will laugh.”


Now…back to our regularly scheduled program.

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Wishing for happy times like that.

chris whitley
chris whitley

Peace, brother.