In Authoritarian Move, Trump Fires Michael Atkinson, Inspector General in Ukraine Matter


In autocracies people vanish in the dead of night. At least Donald Trump can only victimize Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson, who received the whistle blower complaint and acted upon it according to the law. That miffed Trump then and obviously he stayed miffed. So off with Atkinson’s head, Trump fired him. New York Times:

“As is the case with regard to other positions where I, as president, have the power of appointment, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, it is vital that I have the fullest confidence in the appointees serving as inspectors general,” Mr. Trump wrote. “That is no longer the case with regard to this inspector general.”

“The inspector general may be removed from office only by the president,” the law states. “The president shall communicate in writing to the congressional intelligence committees the reasons for the removal not later than 30 days prior to the effective date of such removal.”

Mr. Trump also wrote that he will later submit a nominee who “has my full confidence and who meets the appropriate qualifications.”

The pundits are going to chime in with opinions on what this is all about. One thing to consider is that Trump is feeling more impotent than usual lately over COVID-19 and so he had to do something powerful, like take down an enemy. That is about as deep or thoughtful as his actions get. We really are dealing with a lunatic and wanna be dictator. My God. What did the Senate do by keeping this guy in power?

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Sick of the Con
Sick of the Con
Isnt this the guy that took the whistleblower complaint to the white house first? Trump just trying to change narrative. Screw him. He can fire as many people in his admin, its old news. We already know that any info in that admin will never cone out as long as he is in the white house. If we even have an election that he does not rig, and he loses, he will steal every govt. document including the constitution itself and burn it before he leaves. We need strong government in to investigate AND prosecute to the fullest extent all… Read more »