In an Interview, Dr. Fauci Tells the Truth and Likely Soon Will be Sidelined or Sacked

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In an interview with Jon Cohen for Science Magazine, Dr. Anthony Fauci gives an honest appraisal of what the U.S. is facing and diplomatically (he gives Trump far too much respect) addresses Trump’s lies and misinformation.

Please read:…

A few snippits.

Q: What about the travel restrictions? President Trump keeps saying that the travel ban for China, which began 2 February, had a big impact [on slowing the spread of the virus to the United States] and that he wishes China would have told us three to four months earlier and that they were “very secretive.” [China did not immediately reveal the discovery of a new coronavirus in late December, but by 10 January, Chinese researchers made the sequence of the virus public.]  It just doesn’t comport with facts.

A:  I know, but what do you want me to do? I mean, seriously Jon, let’s get real, what do you want me to do?

This one is the kicker.

Q: Most everyone thinks that you’re doing a remarkable job, but you’re standing there as the representative of truth and facts but things are being said that aren’t true and aren’t factual.

A: The way it happened is that after he made that statement [suggesting China could have revealed the discovery of a new coronavirus three to four months earlier], I told the appropriate people, it doesn’t comport,  because two or three months earlier would have been September. The next time they sit down with him and talk about what he’s going to say, they will say, by the way, Mr. President, be careful about this and don’t say that. But I can’t jump in front of the microphone and push him down. OK, he said it. Let’s try and get it corrected for the next time.

It will never be corrected by Trump or his thugs.


Q: You have not said China virus. [Trump frequently calls the cause of the spreading illness, known as coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)  a “China virus” or a “Chinese virus.”]

A: Ever.

Q. And you never will, will you?

A: No.

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3 Comments on "In an Interview, Dr. Fauci Tells the Truth and Likely Soon Will be Sidelined or Sacked"

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Take donnie and his minions off tv and give the medical professionals the time. That will save thousands of lives. Just watch out as the tops of his supporters heads pop off. It will be pretty ugly.


Now I know why Dr. Fauci was not on the stage with them Sunday afternoon.

Dick Panico
Dick Panico

Ya, it’s likely that he ( Dr Fauci) , will be another
victim of the dreaded” DEATH BY TRUMP .
Rolled over by the TRUMP BUS LINES .!
And Trumps ramblings will continue to bore
the air ways !