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According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, based on the last years on record, 24 states in the union have at least 50 percent of their babies born covered by Medicaid. Here are the top dogs, with data ranging from 2010 to 2016.

  1. New Mexico, 72%
  2. Arkansas, 67%
  3. Louisiana, 65%
  4. Mississippi and Nevada and Wisconsin come in with 64%
  5. Oklahoma and South Carolina come in with 60%.

And so forth. The lowest percentages are New Hampshire with 27%, and Virginia and Utah with 31%. Of course, the most babies being born in the United States are clearly covered by Medicaid as the states with high percentages also have considerably higher populations.

In California, Florida and Illinois, for example, 50 percent of all babies were born on Medicaid in the latest year on record.

In New York, 51 percent of the babies were born on Medicaid.

In Ohio, 52 percent of babies were born on Medicaid.

Texas also had a 54% coverage rate and is in the top five states along with California, Florida, Illinois and New York. So just remember, the Republican’s “intellectual leader” Speaker Paul Ryan, along with unpopular President Donald Trump, were and still are actively trying to take away the health coverage of infants.

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