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Video of Trevor Noah talking with the audience at a Daily Show taping has gone viral. In it, Noah discusses his thoughts on Trump, after watching Trump’s handling of the Brett Kavanaugh, Dr. Christine B. Ford testimony and fallout. Noah points out that even after Trump’s shameful jokes at Dr. Christine Ford’s expense, he continued to torture the Kavanaugh narrative by telling people how terrible a time it was to be a man in America. Noah explains that this is Trump’s greatest tool. Reversing reality by creating a fabricated story for people to follow.

I find Trump’s most powerful tool is that he knows how to wield victimhood. He knows how to offer victimhood to people who have the least claim to it, which is a really really powerful tool because you realize what he’s doing in that moment is he’s saying the real victims of the #metoo movement are men. They’re the real victims. Someone can accuse you at any time and your life is over. They’re the real victims and you know if you if you’re against Trump completely or if you see through it, you go like, oh that’s nothing. But I I think people take for granted how powerful that message was.
There are a lot of men who that message will connect with because that’s a feeling that many men have. As many men, who will be afraid to admit it maybe, but there’s many men who do have that feeling with it like, yeah I mean this #metoo movement, it’s it’s gotten out of control, you know? At anytime, someone can come out and accuse me. I’m like, what do you mean it’s gotten out of control? What does that mean, you know? And they’ll be like, well, every week it’s a new famous person has been accused and it’s out of control.
We look through it it’s maybe maybe 100 and something people. That’s how many people have been #metoo. That’s how many people have been held accountable. A hundred is something that’s not like a life-changing number of men. I mean they make it sound like all men have been accused all right, but 99.9% of men have not been accused. It’s just the the narrative there’s been creators they’re like oh these these 100 men represent all the men and all men should be afraid of it but 100 men you could fit a hundred men into a comedy club and then Louie CK could come and surprise them. That’s how few that number is.
Noah goes on to explain that this tool that Trump’s used, of gaslighting Americans and creating a narrative that is sexist and racist and xenophobic is applied to everything. The kids in cages aren’t the victims, white Americans who are going to be replaced by immigrants are. The refugees running away from death in Syria aren’t the victims, you are because a terrorist will blow you up. Noah remembers this tool being employed in his homeland of South Africa after Apartheid was ended.
I saw the same thing in South Africa. We had Apartheid at the end of Apartheid, the country was changing, and then you had tons of white people who are like, oh I’m afraid of what’s gonna happen to me huh the black people are gonna eat us we’re in danger they’re gonna come for us oh my god I’m the real victim I’m the real–things like that. Wait, how did you go from being the person in power to becoming the victim overnight?
Noah wraps up his powerful statement by talking about the actual victims of sexual assault, like Dr. Ford. What does she get for coming forward? What do other victims see is the result? She gets lambasted by Trump, laughed at.
People always go like yeah but women have an incentive they’re doing it for the for the fame. What are the names of Cosby’s accusers? What’s the money? What money did they get? What fame? Do they have reality shows?  Would you even recognize them on the street? What fame do they get? Ford is gonna come and go, Kavanaugh is here forever.
Noah talks about his own impulse to feel threatened by the #MeToo movement. “What if I’m falsely accused?” But, as he explains, false accusations aren’t a “rampant” problem. It’s a scary powerful tool that Trump wields. Noah finishes his statement with this:
I’m heartbroken at what happens in Dr. Ford. Not because it, you know, didn’t go the way I would have maybe wanted it to, but rather because her life and her image—her as a human being—has been trodden on and destroyed by the President of the United States; as he goes from rally to rally, and people are like yeah, it’s a partisan thing, you know. Well, you know, kudos to you, Trump. One of the richest people in the world and he’s like we’re losing, folks. The game is rigged. It’s like, how are you losing? You’re a billionaire when you’re eight years old. How are you losing?
I just feel it. I just feel.
Watch Noah’s video below the fold.

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