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James Clapper, the former director of National Intelligence, gave an extraordinary interview to CNN’s Don Lemon after Donald Trump’s unhinged rally in Phoenix, Arizona on Tuesday night. In the plainest of terms, Clapper loudly questioned not only Trump’s fitness for office, but his motivation for being there.  

From CNN:

“I really question his ability to be — his fitness to be — in this office, and I also am beginning to wonder about his motivation for it,” Clapper told CNN’s Don Lemon on “CNN Tonight.”
Hours after Trump delivered a defiant speech in Phoenix, Arizona, Clapper said he found the President’s rally “downright scary and disturbing.”
Clapper denounced Trump’s “behavior and divisiveness and complete intellectual, moral and ethical void.”
    “How much longer does the country have to, to borrow a phrase, endure this nightmare?”

    Clapper also called Trump’s unimpeded access to the nuclear codes, ‘pretty damn scary.’ 

    How long does this country have to endure this nightmare? It has to be crystal clear to all, even Republican leadership, that this is not sustainable for another 3 ½ years. We are only 7 months into this nightmare! 

    See the full, sobering interview below.

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