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Look,  put away the pitchforks and torches, it all comes out in the end. Right now Democratic activist and billionaire Tom Steyer is fond of saying in his “impeach Trump” commercials that The Day Glo Menace is “a clear and present danger.” For my money, it’s Tom Steyer who is a clear and preset danger. Tom Steyer is a clear and present danger to the strong likelihood of a must have Democratic wave election this November.

The impeachment of a President is basically uncharted waters for this country, it has only been tried three times in our history, and without success. Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton were acquitted in their Senate trials. Nixon would have been convicted and impeached, but he spared himself that humiliation by resigning. Because the founding fathers considered impeachment as a true “doomsday scenario,” it is a difficult task. While the House of Representatives can vote articles of impeachment with a simple majority, the Senate requires a 2/3 majority, 67 votes, to convict. And we’re nowhere near there yet. Sorry.

When the founding fathers put the impeachment process in the constitution, they based it on one simple principle. They trusted that the members of the House and Senate would put country first, deliberate honestly, and vote on what was in the best interests of the country, and not their personal or political passions. They never considered the possibility of a congress so partisan, cowardly, and craven that they would go along with a President committing this country to an aggressive nuclear war just so long as he signed bills giving huge tax breaks to their donors, and dismantling the social safety net. In this climate, impeaching Trump is a pipe dream, and talking seriously about it is actually counter productive.

People take solace in the articles stating that privately, multiple GOP incumbents are expressing doubts about Trump’s mental fitness and even qualifications for the job. Kewl beans, but who are they? We don’t know, because they’ll only say so anonymously. If they won’t publicly voice concerns over his fitness, do you honestly think that they’ll stand up in public and vote to impeach Trump? Guess what? Back in 1939 a whole ton of Germans thought that Adolf Hitler was a dangerous lunatic, but look what ultimately happened because, no matter what they may have thought, few of them actually did anything when they had the chance. Whatever they may say privately, none of these Republicans will do anything now.

You want to impeach The Inglorious Basterd? You gotta flip congress to do it, most critically the House. And that’s where people like Tom Steyer and Al Green are likely to kill us. It took less than a year for the wheels to fall off of the Trump bus. The results in both Virginia and Alabama showed us that the GOP base is dis-spirited and depressed. Trump is not turning out to be what they envisioned he would, a strong, get shit done President. There is no reason to believe that he will become more popular or effective in an election year, when congress becomes basically inert while everybody tries to save their seats. The situation is very favorable for Democrats to run the table. You wanna rally Republicans around Trump and screw up the wave election? Keep threatening impeachment, especially if we win back the House. He’s still “their man,” and they’ll rally to protect him if he’s threatened, if for no other reason than tribalism. Hey, I’m a native Chicagoan, and lifelong Cubs fan. Yeah, we knew out team sucked, but we’d still get into fist fights with Cardinal fans who mocked our team.

You want to get rid of Trump? Shut up about impeachment for the moment. Trump is not going to be impeached in 2018. Not only won’t the Republicans support it until they take it in the shorts in November, but there simply isn’t time or the appetite to get it done in an election year. Take care of business and get the goddamn House back. Then, in 2019 the Democratic Speaker can begin drafting articles of impeachment. If the investigations are still running, Democratic committee chairs will take over, and be more amenable to finding actual facts. Even if we take back the Senate, it is inconceivable that we’ll win 18 seats to get to a 67 majority, but we shouldn’t need to. There are going to be 20+ GOP incumbents in the Senate that have to run for reelection in 2020, and if 2018 is a GOP bloodbath in the House, that increases the likelihood of GOP Senators in purple or pale red states suddenly discovering some good old fashioned “country first” patriotism when it comes to Trump, especially since with a Democratic majority House, they can no longer pass the kind of toxic legislation they crave. Survival instincts will kick in.

So please, patience grasshopper. You can’t build a pyramid from the tip down, and right now, the foundation is not strong enough to support the weight. Put impeachment back in the hope chest for 2018, let the Republicans sleepwalk their way through the 2018 midterms, and then bring out the impeachment bomb and drop it right on top of their fat, empty heads. Good things come to those who wait.

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